Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Where would you start on this vast ocean that is called spiritualism? You go knock a door. You watch what goes on. You decide that is not what you seeked. You leave. You arrive at another door and find that that too is not to your liking. You move on searching for an ideal home where your spirit could rest in bliss. Soon you exhaust yourself seeking out the ideal and perfect path. It dawns on you that there is no ideal or perfect path. After much soul searching you come to a halt only to realize that rather then search for a path of your hearts desire you are then willing to settle for one that is drawn up by the divine for the divine knows all.

After much reading of spiritual garbs that brought me nowhere nearer to the realization of Erai, and with the timely intervention of Lord Shiva through a dream, I dropped all seeking and forms of worship.

When my seeking stopped, Erai moved in, not immediately but after all that I had read earlier had settled and no new spiritual nor religious junk was collected. The divine arrived to guide me after 14 years, bringing me a mantra for Lord Vishnu; bringing me the worship of Lord Dhakshanamurthy; and Mother in her forms of Dhurga, Lakshmi and Sarasawathy.

A year later I am lead to read the sacred oracle or Nadi that is both mind boggling and amazing. The blueprint is shown to me. I am given options and choices to either pursue in the path of my hearts desire or to listen and adapt the Siddhas advice. I opt for the latter. The following year, I place my feet in the soil of my father and forefathers land, mystical India. I am greeted by the Siddhas through many forms and at many venues. I am shown the mystical side of spiritualism - one that was beyond the sense of logic and general understanding. I am shown my Guru and the fire of devotion is rekindled in me by Supramania Swami of Tiruvannamalai. He showed me the magnificence of Gurus.  

Back home I am shown my second Guru who leads me on on the path of the Siddhas. Taking the recitation of the names of the Siddhas in one hand and charity in another hand I walk alongside Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram. Armed with these two earth shattering cannons I began my journey on a path less known and even less traveled. Just as mentioned "And then the true adventure began" for Sarah Macdonald author of "HOLY COW! - An Indian Adventure", Tavayogi mentioned exactly the same as we embarked together on an adventure tracing the path traveled by the Siddhas. 

The Siddhas came to my aid, guiding me through the only medium of communication in those years - the Nadi. Today they deliver their messages through people whom they chose. Knowing that one cannot possibly swallow the whole ocean of spiritualism and partake its nectar and ambrosia the Siddhas have clearly defined the path for us at AVM. It is a relatively easy path; that of a householder but yet maintaining a relationship with the divine. It is not taxing. It is simple to follow. It can be done in the confines of the home. It is not dependent on a medium or middleman. It gives results proportional to one's efforts.

This is the worship of Siddhas. By serving mankind in need and prayers for the welfare of all of his creation, these two means are the stepping stones to much bigger and grandeur states to come. 

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  1. Hi Shanmugam, how do I reach you? I currently live in India. I was being pulled into this site and Satguru Agathiyar, I guess for a reason.


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