Friday, 7 November 2014


Friends of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran are heading for Kallar on 14th November 2014. Besides visiting Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal, they will also be performing their parikaram in several temples in India, according to their respective Nadi readings. They have also made an appointment to see the Jeeva Nadi at Kallar.

They have made arrangements with Deva who runs a travel agency in Chennai to take them around. Deva chauffeured me around on two of my three trips to India. I have published his name card below, thought that that is the least I could do for him for safely driving me and my family around and taking good care of us while in India. Another reason Deva is close to my heart is because he was the one who took me to my first guru Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai. The third reason is because he and his family together with Jnana Jyothiamma spearheading the team, took all the trouble to organize, cook and distribute the food and drinks for the massive annadhanam done in Thiruvannamalai the day I arrived with my family in India in October of 2013.

Deva (2nd from right) with Jnana Jyothiamma (4th from right) at the Girivalam route in Thiruvannamalai
Supramania Swami with his wife, son Ramajayam and grandchild at Nacha Ananthal, Thiruvannamalai
It is very heartening to see young men and women seek Agathiyar and the Siddhas. Many young men and women have joined the prayers in Malaysia too over the time. Agathiyar has issued a call to us to take hold of his hands where he promises to lead us to greener pastures.

Young devotees with Nadi Guru Ramesh (3rd from left) & Nadi Guru Selvam (2nd from left) at AgathiyarVanam
Agathiyar as he gave his darshan yesterday at Agathiyar Vanam
Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal and Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar with devotees in Malaysia
Suren Selvaratnam & Bala Chandran Gunasekaran
Jnana Jyothiamma & Balajothi Gunasekaran in Malaysia
Devotees in Malaysia
More devotees at Agathiyar Vanam. (From left) Bala Chandran Gunasekaran, Dyalen Muniandi, Mahindran, Sahalini and Sugu Maran

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