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Siddha Heartbeat thanks D MAG Saravanan for the amazing interview with Sri Balakumaran. As mentioned by Sri Balakumaran, the movie Raghavendra brought the saint to the attention of many. My brother-in-law Sundara Arumugam Aiya was one of them who was immensely captivated by the life and times of Sri Raghavendra Swamigal. He later came to build a magnificent Brindavan for the saint in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Even before coming to his guru's fold, he had built a couple of temples; the Sri Macha Muneeswarar temple at Simpang Ampat, Semangol, Perak and later the Sri Raja Rajeshwari temple in Menglembu, Ipoh. 

The small following of eighty devotees, gathered on Thursdays at the local temples and halls to worship Sri Raghavendra Swamigal. But they desired to have their own building. Their desire was eventually fulfilled in 2013.

Agathiyar had asked Sundara Arumugam Aiya in his Nadi reading for a spot at the Jegathguru Sri Raghavendra Swamigal Mritiga Brindavanam which Arumugam Aiya was in the process of building and which Arumugam Aiya readily agreed. Agathiyar then turned to me in my Nadi reading directing me to have his murthy or idol done and to be placed at the Brindavan. Agathiyar also told me he would come to my home before leaving for the Brindavan.

Agathiyar arrived on our shores in Malaysia on 2nd January 2010, a day before his Jayanthi and Guru Puja. When Arumugam Aiya completed the Brindavan in 2013, and asked if Agathiyar was coming, I could not nswer him. I had no further directive from him (Agathiyar) since the last Nadi reading. I waited patiently for Agathiyar to say something. But Agathiyar remained quiet. I replied to Arumugam Aiya that Agathiyar was not coming. Immediately a devotee took up the task of having a statue of Agathiyar made and placed at the Brindavan. 

After Agathiyar arrived at Agathiyar Vanam, he had not mentioned about moving to the Brindavan. I was worried if I had made the wrong decision. By refusing to send Agathiyar over was I being selfish and kept Agathiyar to myself? 

I told Tavayogi about Agathiyar's directive in the Nadi and the eventuality that Agathiyar would go away one day. Tavayogi told me he would be happy if Agathiyar is placed at the Brindavan. He also told me that he would have double the joy if Agathiyar was to stay put. Tavayogi also added that in the event Agathiyar goes away, Tavayogi himself will have an idol of Agathiyar made and place him at my home, Agathiyar Vanam.

In the last Nadi reading on 21st September 2014, Agathiyar finally broke the silence and surprised my family and me revealing that he had changed his mind about moving to the Brindavan and decided to stay put at Agathiyar Vanam, bringing relief to me! Agathiyar had come to a win win situation. He kept true to his word and had another devotee install his idol at the Brindavan and at the same time chose to remain with us at Agathiyar Vanam.

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