Sunday, 9 November 2014


The first encounters of disciples with their masters had always amazed me. These precious and prized moments where the guru identifies the disciple and the disciple makes the decision of accepting the teachings of the guru is always exciting to read again and again. Sitting under the feet of these great souls is many a man's wish but only selected ones make it. Many seekers come and leave on their own accord. Some are chased away only to return again and again seeking admittance by the Guru. There are a myriad of experiences revealed when we listen to these God men speak. It is simply amazing. The spiritual journeys of masters are laced in mystery and often mystical, with many miracles taking place. Their journeys carry many hidden messages. 

Here are some beautiful videos of experiences of seekers who later themselves became masters in their own spheres.

Watch Radhanath Swami address devotees at
Radhanath Swami addressing devotees
Listen to Sri M's experience at and his interview with a Tamil network at 

Listen to Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal speak about his encounters and experiences too.

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This blog postings are those of beginners who have taken the first step exploring the mysterious & mystical world of Siddhas. It is purely about devotion (Bakthi) and miracles. For those who think or feel that they have advanced spiritually and passed these initial, preliminary and primary stages, please reserve your comment.