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There is hope yet with many good souls and samaritans giving back to society. Radhanath Swami who traveled far to reach the borders of India was not allowed to enter the country for he did not have sufficient cash on him to upkeep himself. India did not want to add another beggar to its statistic. He pleaded and begged that he be allowed into the country and promised he will do something good for her people. He kept his promise. He has accomplished building an ashram, provides mid-day meals, a hospital that serves many, provides numerous other services and continues serving at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM5TFnxd0-A

We have seen Dr V and his teams work tirelessly to provide eyesight to many at http://agathiyarvanam.blogspot.com/2014/10/dr-v-compassion.html earlier.

Thavathiru Rengaraja Desigar on his part has been feeding the poor and unfortunate at Ongkarakudil and through other branches of the Agathiyar Sanmarga Sangam with donations from Agathiyar's devotees at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm7ciDQXJQ4

Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal after years of austerities started an ashram the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham at Kallar where he feeds the native kids living in the vicinity and visitors to the ashram.

Ramana loved to work in the kitchen, preparing food for his visitors.

Ramalinga Adigal started the Dharma Salai at Vadalur more than a century ago, that still feeds the poor and hungry.

Agathiyar loves to cook and to serve says Flowers on the Wayside, the administrator of Circle of Good Will - Blog at http://blog.good-will.ch/WordPress/2010/10/23/rishi-agastya-a-little-miracle-and-some-stories/ quoting from a transcription of a seminar given by Sri Kumar in the Nilagiri Hills in 1996 about Agathiyar.
Through serving food he (Agathiyar) likes to spread himself into the people and thus to adjust any imbalances in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. In his spiritual activities he never treads any trodden paths, but gives new trends and directions, being full of freshness. His live is always accompanied by will, spreading be-ness and presence. He is very humorous and his teachings are very powerful, but nevertheless humorous, thus uplifting the people.
An interesting episode from the scriptures is narrated in the blog,
In the scriptures there is the story that once a group of disciples in the Himalaya had the questions who is the one fasting most, and Maitreya told them, “It is Agastya, he never eats.” They wanted to see Agastya and went to him. Agastya said: "Observe me for three days.” They were very surprised to see him cooking, eating and serving. He was not missing any meal, and every meal was from our standpoint very excessive in its quantity. After three days the group asked: "We have not understood your way of fasting.” He answered: "Insofar as you don't feel that you are eating, it is fasting.” He does not think he is eating. He lives in tune with the universal consciousness and in such a tune-up the food is given to all the elementals around him with himself as the channel.
More information on this episode is available at http://www.good-will.ch/pdf/e_lunar10_8.pdf

Sébastien who visited Tavayogi at his ashram at Kallar comments on the blog too. 
"May be you remember that i visited a little Agasthya ashram down in the Nilgiris… it happens that the guru is on facebook… i spoke with him and he gave me 2 mantras. The second, as he said is the Moola mantra of the Seer… As The Nilgiri Ashrama is said to be working with Mooladhara and the form aspect…"
"It goes like this :OM SIM VUM AM UM MAM VAM agatheesayanamah" is moola mantra which is little special mantra, this is called theetcha mantra, in agathiar theetchavithi book written by agathiar”
Flowers on the Wayside has posted on the blog a couple of photos taken at a home of devotees in Malaysia where Agathiyar opens his eyes just as we finished prayers. We were all delighted and felt fortunate to receive Agathiyar's darshan and grace that day. Here are more photos taken on that auspicious day.


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