Sunday, 17 December 2017


The AVM family is a small group of devotees who came together initially in doing puja for Agathiyar but has taken on other tasks as deemed fit by him over time. The AVM Whatsapp group is a working platform for this group that shares, cherishes and involves itself in the many programmes hosted by AVM. This group only posts its own activities and those that AVM contributes towards. AVM believes that active participation in these activities enhances our relationship and sharing. We have among us overseas and out of state members as well and fully understand it is not feasible for them to take part in our activities from where they are. But we have always encouraged them to initiate and carry out similar or even better programmes in their neighborhoods. We have special and loved ones in our group whose heart and soul is with us but cannot participate actively due to age factors and illnesses. We look towards them as mentors and seek their valued advise.

As AVM becomes more focused in its role towards society in the year to come, we realize that we need active participation from members. There are so many avenues created in AVM for members to attend, participate and contribute their resources.  For those who are into puja, they are invited to our puja sessions at AVM or the homes of other members in their vicinity. For those into feeding and other dharma based activities they could join "Pothigai Meals on Wheels" or "Thondu Seivom" in serving others. For those who can only contribute through donations and cannot actively play a role in our activities for various reasons, we have Amudha Surabhi where they can channel their contributions to keep these programmes alive. For those who just want to have some fun and a workout they could join us in our many outings and classes.

As Agathiyar leads us into a new year where we foresee many new tasks coming our way, we need souls who are dedicated towards doing Erai's asking and directives.

Agathiyar who addressed our individual needs and questions earlier has now began to address us as a group and guide all in the group equally placing us all on the same threshold where no one is superior or inferior. He chooses to guide us through messages related to any one of us in the AVM, AUM, TS and AS group. He asks us to work collectively towards bringing many of his tasks into a reality. We are amazed at watching the change in us where he brought us from being self centered individuals to serving the community and humanity at large. 

As we put on our gears to work harder towards achieving Agathiyar's goals for the new year, we shall walk tall as he had always asked of us. 

Siddha Heartbeat and AVM thanks all these wonderful souls who have worked the year long bringing all our programmes to live. 

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