Saturday, 9 December 2017


He came into our homes and our hearts. He brought love with him. He opened our hearts. He brought us out of our cocoon into the world. He showed us another world - his world - a world filled with miracles, amazement, joy and bliss. All he asked of us was to surrender unto him. Once we surrendered he took hold of us. It was then all his doing. We were mere witnesses. He amazes us everyday. He teaches us in subtle ways not through a discourse but through everyday living. He apprehends us if we deviate. He praises us for a job well done. He shows ways to burn out our karma. He allows us to exhaust our desires. Once done with our desires he starts working on us. He brings us to do his work on this plane. We become apostles of him. That is the Guru. That is Agathiyar.

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This blog postings are those of beginners who have taken the first step exploring the mysterious & mystical world of Siddhas. It is purely about devotion (Bakthi) and miracles. For those who think or feel that they have advanced spiritually and passed these initial, preliminary and primary stages, please reserve your comment.