Monday, 4 December 2017


Be grateful if you have choices in life, many hardly are given one. 

Be grateful if you are told about the Nadi, many don't know of its existence. 

Be grateful if you can locate your Nadi, many leave in vain.

Be grateful if you can have a reading immediately, many have been sent back to come again another day.

Be grateful if Agathiyar provides your a reading, for many have been refused one.

Be grateful if he addresses your past karma, many are suffering without knowing its causes.

Be grateful if you can accomplish the remedies listed, many either can't begin or cannot complete them.

Similarly be grateful if you have food on your table, many go without food for days.

Do not debate as to which is better, or of quality, for many don't have a choice.

Do not complain, there are many without the very basics in life.

Appreciate what you have in life. Give away some of what you have in appreciation. Share what you have. Donate what you have. 

Learn to see the joy in faces, what a smile could do, what a simple greeting could do, what a simple wish could do, what a simple gift could bring, what a morsel of food would do and what a simple prayer could do. 

Mother Theresa recalls how a child although the child had gone without food for days and was pretty much hungry, was taking bits of the bread she was given, for the sole reason that she feared the only piece of bread in her hands will finish soon.

If you are going to school look out for those among your classmates who come to school without bringing food or pocket-money. Buy him/her some food, or share your food. If you are a teacher give the hungry student a treat once in a while. If you are a parent who has brought food for your child, look towards the other table if there is a child going without food. Teach you child to appease the hunger of another. If you are in the parent-teachers association gather the parents to donate excess food to the children who come hungry.

If you are earning a salary, donate a portion to the unfortunate. 

Spending another need not be limited to the hungry, poor and unfortunate on the streets only. Do spend the ones who work hard and toil all day trying to make ends meet.

Buy the worker who comes by your neighborhood cleaning the drains, collecting refuse or cutting the grass, anything that seems fit for him at that time. Or pack him some food and drinks.

Give your office mates a treat once in a while. If you receive entertainment allowances, entertain them, and do not pocket it.

Throw in an open house and give a treat to all those who have come into your life.

Serve the guests who turn up at your homes while you chat.

If you have old folks around do pay them a visit and stay long enough to listen to them. Know that it is sad and difficult to grow old. Remember that they had lost their parents long long ago. Remember that they have lost their siblings too. Remember that their friends have left them for the other world. Remember that they only have you now. Nobody is sure how long they will be around. Cheer them up. Care for them. Love them.

The parents devote their life's for their children often burying their own wishes and desires for their children's sake. Find time to give back to them. Don't only take from them but learn to give back.

All these little bits of kindness shown to others slowly inculcates love and compassion for another.

This compassion can extend beyond humans and include the animals and birds. Feed the birds that come around your home some grains daily. Leave a fruit for the squirrel that drops by. Feed the dogs that roam the back lanes in search of food.

When I reported for work after finishing college, I was merely twenty. I had a friend in the office six years my senior. We became best buddies. I learnt to cherish and honor food, from him. He had lost his way in the jungles of Cameron Highlands while taking statistics of the native aborigines during his tenure with the statistical department many years earlier. He managed to find his way to the nearest town Tanah Rata after several days. He knew the meaning of hunger then. Once he saw an old man holding out a dented aluminium tray at the outlet from a restaurant kitchen in the back lane of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. When questioned what he was doing he replied that he would collect the rice that came from the sink and recook it to feed his family. I never wasted any food after meeting Chandrasegaran Ganapathy. He was my mentor, teaching me values in life.

You do not need to wait to be told in the Nadi to begin doing charity. Look around you at the many good souls engaged in carrying out feeding to those on the streets through various soup kitchens. 

We are not here for ourselves; we are not here to bask in the fame and fortune that life brings; that would be selfish. There has to be an inner meaning to life, a true purpose. Seek it out and act accordingly.

Man takes from nature. It is only proper and fair that he gives back too. There are many ways to return this favour. Pick a way that brings joy and bliss to both the giver and receiver. 

Make that change in you today. Bring that change in others today.

We at AVM, AUM, TS, AS and TUT are seeing our hearts open up to the poor and unfortunate thanks to Agathiyar and his constant reminders through the Nadi. Many have come forward to assist in cash, kind and service. The joy gained in giving is tremendous we all came to know after going to the ground. The giving has created a paradigm shift in our thoughts and priorities in life. Bliss fills our hearts and souls in giving. Join us and others in giving back to our parents, the society, the country, to the Gurus and their teachings, to mankind and to Erai and Creation.

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