Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Agathiyar has given hints of plans for a new temple of his that will be overseen by Sri Krishna in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city in the coming years in two separate Nadi readings within days. Krishna who worshiped Agathiyar since he was a teen has served Agathiyar in numerous ways. Having being brought up around people who read the Nadi, he was exposed to this mysterious oracle since young.

Agathiyar in the Jeeva Nadi revelation by Tavayogi says that his relationship with Agathiyar goes even further back, when Krishna used to row Agathiyar across the Kaveri river at Kangayapalaiyam in Erode where Agathiyar was then forming/making the Sivalinga out of the river sand, that now has come to be known as the Nattadreeswarar Temple. 

Krishna used to translate the Nadi for non Tamil speaking seekers. Soon he began to organize tours to temples in India and within Malaysia to facilitate and aid the seekers perform the remedies stipulated in their Nadi. He joined up with many organizations and worked hard to spread the teachings of the Siddhas. He used to conduct libation and puja for Agathiyar at the many centres and homes aligned with the worship of Agathiyar. When the puja for the present granite statue of Agathiyar housed at the Eco City Temple came to a stop when its caretaker passed away, Krishna who had performed puja for this Agathiyar's statue at the home of the deceased, took up the task to care for Agathiyar. 

Soon Krishna started the Pothigai Meals on Wheels feeding programme and cooked, packed and distributed meals to the homeless, the unfortunate, the abandoned ones in the homes and hungry school kids. Recently he started feeding the cows, birds, fishes and monkeys and released caged birds that he purchased for a price. Next on the table is to include feeding the elephants. Sri Krishna was aided by great souls who came together in the name of serving Agathiyar and humanity.

Agathiyar observed all these charitable moves of Krishna and his team and came forward to acknowledge his contribution and showered his blessings through the following Nadi reading.  

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