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Looking at my thumb print, the Nadi reader traced it to several bundles of the Podhu Kaandam from the pile of Nadis or Olai Suvadi, ancient predictions scripted on dried palm leaves that were preserved and cared for by a particular community in India, that he had with him at that period in time. As we both sat together to go through a tedious process of eliminating others leaves from each bundle through a series of questions and answers we finally came to agree on a particular piece of dried palm leave that had sufficient information about me to garner a complete reading later that was a testimony that it was written for me many thousands of years ago by a sage known as Agathiyar. 

That is how my life was revealed to me. It was amazing. I sat spellbound. I listened attentively trying to comprehend the language used. But although being a Malaysian Tamilian, I still needed some assistance from the the Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar and Sivabalan, who brought them in from India and accommodated them, and translated the readings if necessary. 

Paying homage to Lord Vinayagar the Rishi began the revelation for a son of his. He described the nature of the thumbprint and revealed the positions of all the planets at the time of my birth. Amazing. If in conventional methods of astrology, a precise calculation is done based on one's date of birth and time, to determine the positions of the planets before it is drawn out and charted, here a mere thumbprint and the Rishis knowledge sufficed to give us the planetary chart at the time of birth.

With this knowledge the Rishi went on to describe my nature, character, my family, my career and predicted my future. He revealed the reason for me taking birth and all that I was going through. He brought me a remedy and solution to come out of my dilemma asking me to look into the Karma Kaandam too. He continued predicting my future.

Next he guided me through the Santhi Parikaara or Karma Kaandam that is retrieved based on certain secret codes placed in the Podhu Kaandam. The Rishi spoke about my past lives and the things I did and how it has affected the results and quality of my life in this present birth. But the most compassionate father gave me a balm to sooth the wound in the form of remedies. These can vary from person to person; from the simplest as in lighting a lamp or a difficult (and life endangering) task of stopping the act of animal sacrifice in the midst of the act.

The Theecha Kaandam is referred to based on the secret codes again in the Podhu Kaandam too. Here Agathiyar speaks about subtle matters and the other realm and shows means to protect oneself from the negative forces and their effects. He brings in worship of deities and gods and goddesses to address the situation hence removing the malefic effects of the dark side.

For a selected few, I am told there exist the Gnana Kaandam that charts their spiritual path. I was one blessed soul to have the reader pick it up, with access to this oracle given only after he conducted a short puja that instant. This Nadi reveals the karma that forms a veil and prevents one from attaining spiritual progress. It identifies and proposes remedies to remove the existing obstacles and hindrances on the path and practices.

For those who have put in the necessary work in working towards attaining liberation in the past lives, the guru in the current life is shown to them. Some yogic practices are thrown in to help quick-start the spiritual journey from thereon. 

Moving 3 years forward I report to Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal whom I meet in Malaysia that I was asked to come back for a reading in three years time and that the time was right. Tavayogi casually points me to Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh. Hence my journey takes another leap forward with the coming of both Tavayogi and Ramesh into my life. Tavayogi leads me on the path of the Siddhas and Ramesh with his penchant and talent for nadi reading, he becomes the medium for further revelations from the Siddhas.

Agathiyar has used every tool and person available with whom I crossed path with to deliver his divine message: Dr Krishnan who made me aware of the existence of the nadi in 1996; Thayalan who was instructed to deliver the mantra that came mysteriously to me in 2001; Muralitharan who spoke about his experience in seeing the nadi (in 2000) to me in 2002 and arranging a nadi reading for me; Sentil and Sivabalan who brought this amazing gift of the Siddhas across the seas to our shore; meeting and coming face to face with my very first guru in the flesh, Supramania Swami of Thiruvanamalai in 2003 ; and meeting Tavayogi in Malaysia in 2005 and coming to the path of the Siddhas.

Indeed an amazing series of unexpected events that brought me to where I am today.

This mystical journey took on new forms and trends, throwing in punches and blows to the face at moments when I least expected and bringing extreme bliss and calm at other times. Everyday and every moment was a day and moment of learning and discovery, the Siddhas pointing out and instilling in me that there was a whole wide world out their to be discovered. Agathiyar just gave us what was required for the moment never revealing more then we could digest for the moment.

Teaching through the nadi and the guru and learning from the numerous experiences of fellow seekers on the path enriched my understanding of this huge wide ocean that is the Siddha path. Agathiyar brought me to new horizons, bringing me to involve directly with rituals and worship, and throwing on the role of a blogger and lyricists too. Together with the wonderful souls he sent to AVM we took up several new tasks given to us to help uplift the spirit that included feeding and performing charity. He brought in masters in their own fields to teach us techniques and practices that enhanced both our health and spirit.

Walking the path he brought us to worship his idol, reminding us to give it the form and energy by chanting his name. He came into the idol, opening his eyes for the world to see. He listened and fulfilled the wishes of those who came seeking him. Soon he came into our hearts and soul. He conquered our spirits. He made us one of his. He branched out to other places through the many souls who came, saw and were conquered by AVM Agathiyar. These devotees brought home his thoughts, rituals and puja extending it to their family and friends. Today Agathiyar has simultaneously uplifted all of us at AVM to another level of understanding that goes beyond idol worship and rituals, yet reminding us to continue performing it. He has brought us to seek answers and solutions, our wants and needs, and desires directly from the universe and consciousness. He has repeatedly said that he was the consciousness and is in the prapanjam and that the prapanjam is in him. So it is only appropriate that we ask him for all our wants without having to go through any middleman or medium. He has opened up the sky to us. He listens from every nook and corner, watching over us every moment.

What else could one ask for?

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