Friday, 15 December 2017


We are told a true guru comes when the disciple is ready. A true guru watches his disciple exhaust all his desires before making his appearance and confronting him - reminding him of their past relationship. A true guru works to raise his student to a state of bliss that is unimaginable. A true guru will elevate all his students to his level and rejoice in seeing them surpass him.

To help attain this state the guru scans the disciples past and works on his karma slowly molding him into first, a better person, then a divine person, then a Siddha. The guru will not rest on his laurels but looks for avenues where his disciples can work to bring others too out of lives turmoil and chaos to a state of bliss, peace and tranquility. A true guru does not stop at that but works from behind the curtain in the subtle form to elevate the many genuine seekers.

There were days when we went out seeking the Siddhas. There were many moments when we sat in awe and listened on to stories about how Agathiyar appeared to his devotees. There were many hours of joy derived in reading Velayudham Karthikeyan Aiya's blog Sitthan Arul and the published works of the late Hanumathdasan Aiya's "Nadi Sollum Kathaigal".

Then bringing us to his abodes in India to witness his many leelas or plays take place, soon he performed them on our shores too. We became witness to many of these amazing happenings and miracles take place among us in our home ground.

Although we came with a blueprint where all things conform to and act accordingly to what is laid out, adjustments were made accordingly to our intentions and prayers. Although our lives were fated to take its course according to this blueprint the power of prayers did bring about miracles and changes according to our hearts desires. Although our lives seemed to follow this blueprint Erai had given us the key to unlock and make changes to this blueprint through the medium of prayers and the efforts put towards bringing this change. 

Erai brought hope to us to change our destiny. While the effects of our past actions were modified to a certain extent through prayers, we understood that the future is solely in our hands. We determine our tomorrow. How we live today determines the next day and the days to come. How we live this live determines the next. The most compassionate Erai can go further in even giving us the key to end this cycle of death and birth. Although this is a rare achievement but it is not one that is impossible. Many saints have attested to it. We await that day and opportunity to follow suite with an eager heart and open hands. 

Today we can safely attest to the fact that prayers can move the hearts and souls of people. Prayers can mellow even the toughest heart. Prayers can move mountains. With a clear thought, determined effort and aspiration coupled with Erai's blessings, changes began to take place immediately for some and over time for others depending on the intensity of the prayers and the obstacles that confronted them or the magnitude of the desires.

Agathiyar has stood along us throughout our journey. As the year comes to an end, and as Siddha Heartbeat recaps the past years happenings at AVM and its associated teams Agathiyar Universal Mission, Thondu Seivom and Amudha Surabhi, it brings us great joy to see that much has been realized in accordance to Agathiyar's directives. That is Agathiyar. This is what he has done for us.

We look forward to another blissful year under the watchful eyes and guidance of our Guru Agathiyar.

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