Monday, 27 November 2017


Having a baby in the home is magical. There is something about these babies. They bring cheer and happiness to our homes and our hearts. A baby can bring instant change in the hearts and turn the house around. He/she engages everyone's attention and brings them together. I am enjoying the presence of my granddaughter and her antics. No wonder the baby is equated to the divine. The baby changes your life just as the divine does if only we let the divine in. 

When a child is conceived the divine comes in and starts its work. Each partner contributes towards an opportunity for a soul to start its life anew in a physical form as a fetus, growing into a beautiful miracle that is a child. Here an avenue is created for a soul to live out its desires through a human birth. We provide the material necessary for the body to take shape so that the soul can reside and see through its karma. Each parent creates this magical moments for all the souls waiting to take birth out there. These souls choose their place of birth, parentage, and society carefully so that they can fulfill their dreams and desires in the given life. Life is precious. Cherish life and all its wonders.

The souls that departed even before their time was up, too are looking for a place to berth and end up forcefully taking hold of the weak at heart. They stay on till their calling comes fulfilling their desires through the individual meantime.

The divine comes into the murthy or idol and answers the prayers of ardent devotees. At times it swaps places with a soul in the physical body, entering his body and carrying out divine plays.  Meantime, the soul of the devotee rests awhile in the murthy.

Just as the knight comes riding a stallion and sweeps the damsel off her feet, Agathiyar too came through the Nadi and swept me off my feet. He has come to stay bringing immense joy and happiness as my granddaughter does. His coming was magical too. Knowing I detested rituals, he tricked me saying he was going to stopped over awhile on transit at my home before moving to a Brindavan later. But when the days went by, we became attached to each other. I did not want to part with him, although I knew pretty well that one day when the construction of the Brindavan was completed, he would have to move. Tavayogi told me if he goes he would replace his bronze idol in my home. But as the days of completion of the Brindavan neared, Agathiyar kept mum and silent. Agathiyar was not saying anything whether he was moving  or otherwise. When the Brindavan called me to asked when I was sending him over, I told them he was not coming, after which I was worried sick if I had been selfish and gone overboard in refusing to send him over. The moment I replied that he was not coming, someone donated another statue to the Brindavan. It was only after some time that Agathiyar revealed that he had chose to stay put in my place. The bond between us grew even greater day by day. 

Yogi Ramsuratkumar who addressed himself as a beggar, answered that India needs beggars to a question on why there were so many beggars around. I too soon realized that here was an opportunity for us to open our hearts (and eyes) to these section of society who are deprived in many ways. It provides an opportunity for us to extend our arms in bringing aid and help to these unfortunate souls. 

Some might equate this help extended to the poor as washing off their karma and gaining merits. In actual fact Agathiyar says that the one fed has his karma removed too. Simply said feeding works both ways, both the giver and receiver gain from this act of dharma and charity. Let there be an expectation in doing it for starters. The important thing is getting him/ her started. Eventually the act of giving for expected results and gaining merits is lost in this noble act over time. He/ she soon does it for the sake of the hungry and nothing more. With time compassion builds in them, their heart mellows and cries for the unfortunate. They want to do more and often. Towards this Agathiyar brought like-minded souls in AVM, TS, AS, AUM and TUT together to joyfully carry out this noble task. We are grateful to be a part of this change. He has told us that the food given will act as medicine for the receiver healing his illness and satisfying his hunger. It is said that Agathiyar loves to cook and feed others. When we are on the ground we are little Agathiyans handing out food parcels to the hungry and poor. 

As I sat and went through all the 54 Nadi readings that I had been blessed with this evening, I could not but cry out in joy for all the love and compassion he has showered on us. This path of the Siddhas is sheer amazing, mind boggling and incomprehensible. All we can do is watch with awe and amazement. 

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