Friday, 30 August 2013


Agathiyar asked me to perform Nava Abhisegam or the bathing ritual of his statue once he was delivered in Malaysia. I did manage to call over relatives and friends and perform this do. I had since then been doing Abhisegam to him on Full Moon (Pornami), New Moon (Amavasai) and Thursdays (Guru Naal) too. 

I did not realize the magnitude of this ritual that I was asked to perform until I read in Dr. Najan’s ALAYANGALUM AGAMANGALUM, where the Dr speaks of the various Abhisegam conducted in temples. Originally, 25 in number, the kinds of Abhisegam practiced had dwindled to 16 and later to 12 kinds. 

Each Abhisegam supposedly shall bring upon the devotees certain aspects of a good life.

Water (good health),
Tender coconut water (riches),
Honey (pleasure, wealth, education, sangeetham),
Dairy milk (long life),
Yogurt (posterity),
Vibhuti (spiritual knowledge),
Sandhanam (prosperity),
Kunkumam (all goodness),
Rose water (overcomes fear),
Sesame oil (bliss)
Rice flour (helps clear dept),
Abhisegam kuthu (overcome disease),
Manjal pohdi (improves power to attract others),
Panjamirtham (purity),
Ghee (Moksham),
Sugarcane water (cures illnesses),
Brown sugar (overcome enemies),
Bananas (increase food)
Mangoes (children),
Passion fruit (overcome anger),
Oranges (truthfulness),
Lime (overcome fear of death), and
Cooked rice (creates empires).

I started with nine as originally requested by Agathiyar but expanded to 16 later. Then in one of the incidence as narrated by Karthikeyan in his blog, I realized that I had somehow established the same number of Abhisegam as the Siddhas performed for Lord Shiva.


This blog postings are those of beginners who have taken the first step exploring the mysterious & mystical world of Siddhas. It is purely about devotion (Bakthi) and miracles. For those who think or feel that they have advanced spiritually and passed these initial, preliminary and primary stages, please reserve your comment.