Wednesday, 7 August 2013


On 19.4.2011, Agathiyar surprises me further by revealing his Moola Mantra in the Nadappu Aasi Nigandu Nadi.

This was my 40th Nadi reading. Agathiyar asked that this mantra be made known to all.

Agathiyar lists out the benefits gained by chanting this mantra. Here is the translation of the portion of the Nadi related to this revelation.
For the purpose of gaining joy in the family and mankind on the whole,
I reveal a magnificent moola mantra of mine,
to be chanted daily,
Mankind will gain if chanted,
All shall gain good health and all other gains,
Victory without hurdles shall one meet,
Miracles and Joy will come your way,
Thus I reveal,
Aum Srim Aum Sarguru Patamay
Saaba Paaba Vimosanam
Rowga Ahungaara Durvimosanam
Sarva Deva Sagala Siddha Oli Rupam
Sarguruway Om Agasthiya Kirantha Kartaaya Nama
ஓம் ஸ்ரீம் ஓம்
சற்குரு பதமே
சாப பாவ விமோசனம்
ரோக அகங்கார துர்விமோசனம்
சர்வ தேவ சகல சித்த
ஓளி ரூபம்
சற்குருவே ஓம் அகஸ்திய
கிரந்த கர்தாய நம
By chanting thus and conducting prayers,
All shall gain Bliss (Yegantha Nilai),
By chanting this mantra,
Joy (Anandha Jyothi) shall rise in all and
Grace (Arul Jhothi) shall be seen and felt.

Here is the video of the above said mantra at


  1. Great indeed. With the grace of Agasth Muni I chant this every day.

  2. Great, I got this when i was thinking about Agasthiyar sidhar. Greatness of divine messangers

  3. Thank You So much. Ohm Agasthiyaya Namaha

  4. First time entering into this site.. what a vibration of Guru Agastiyar.. mikka nandri..

  5. First time entering this site.. Got the great saint Guru Agasthiyar mandra.. mikka nadri..

  6. During can i cant chant this mantra..Am having so much problems.. plz reply

  7. Om..can I chant this mantra for my health problems?


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