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Jnana Jyothi Amma who was just back from Vadalur (Read about her pilgrimage at writes,
"Vallalar says there are seven screens or curtains preventing us from being able to see the Graceful light and these screens are to be removed one by one and it can be ...... with the Grace of the Divine, when, one attains Spiritual Maturity. We will be able to see the screens in our forehead as we progress Spiritually"
"These seven screens have been placed by Arutperum Jyothi.
1) The Black Screen.
This is the first and the most difficult screen to remove. Once removed, the other screens will be able to fall apart. This screen hides the Sovereignty of Arutperum Jyothi's Grace light with the power of the great 'maya' or the Illusionary nature of the world. 
2) The Blue Screen
This is the second screen. While the black curtain is to veil or hide the Cosmic Soul, the blue curtain is to hide the Individual Soul. 
3) The Green Screen
The third screen is the green screen. This screen hides the Cosmic Space representing Divine Energy .. Purification of the Mind's faculties and that of the Soul will tear down this curtain. 
4) The Red Screen
The Fourth screen is the red screen. This screen is there to hide the space of mystic Powers and at the Appropriate time it is removed. 
5) The Golden Screen
The Golden screen is the fifth screen. This hides the real matters worthy of human pursuits as a result, we tend to run after Illusionary ones and when this curtain is removed we will be able to perceive the Real. 
6) The White Screen.
This is the sixth screen. This curtain hides the space or abode of the Absolute Truth. This being the Original Energy. 
7) The Screen of Several Colour.
The seventh screen is the screen of Mixed Colour. It veils all experiences of the Aspirant.
By the Grace of the Ultimate Divine, all the above mentioned Screens or curtains can be removed one by one ....."

She goes on to provide excerpts from the book VALLALAR IS ARUTPERUMJOTHI. 
"Our individual soul has the presence of Arutperumjothi, which .... just like the Deities ... that have been ordained to perform certain tasks and functions." 
"However little do we realize that, when Arutperumjothi fully manifests in our Soul completely and fully, the body becomes Immortal and we can reach a Spiritual state even higher than of the ordained Deities. Through the descent of Divinity into us, we can and will become part and parcel of the many existent spiritual states." 
Jnana Jyothi Amma now has a clearer understanding of all that has taken place in her life and she tells me, 
"Now, I have a very clear picture of the roles Angali Amma and Karupetta played in my spiritual journey. They were Ordained to do these acts or functions to help me proceed, as Agathiyan mentioned in my Nadi." 
"When I was lost in a Maze, (not even knowing I was lost), my father Agathiyan, led me step by step to reach his home ... Pothigai and showed me his presence." 
"The Deities were ordained by Arutperumjothi ... my father Agathiyar, who showed the world that he is indeed Arutperumjothi .... and they guided me to complete the Chariya and Kriya stages in the Bhakthi side and along with Saibaba of Shirdi, led to Yoga state." 
"Now Agathiayan will lead /guide me to the Gnana stage ..... long long way to go". 
"Just as the Deities were doing their ordained tasks and functions, Sai Baba was guiding me throughout my Life's Journey." 
"I shall now relate to you a conversation that took place between Tavayogi and myself, when I was at Kallar in Oct 2011.... the day after I received my Dheeksha." 
"He (Tavayogi) was receiving numerous calls that day and he turned to me and said thus,"Why is it Saibaba is sending all his devotees over here (Kallar)?" I asked him which Saibaba? He replied ... Shirdi Sai Baba." 
"Now this clearly shows the connection between Agathiyan and Saibaba. This was further answered by Venkatesh Swamy to me while I was at Kalyana Theertham." 
"He (Venkatesh Swamy) said that he, along with Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma had seen Sai Baba with Agathiyan number of times at Kalyana Theertham. He further added that Sadhu Amma had told him, that during her early days at Pothigai, when she had no roof of her own and used to live in the cave above Kalyana Theertam, it was Sai Baba who had appeared to her in his physical form and gave her some sarees and some sheets to cover herself." 
"He showed me the sarees given by Sai Baba." 
"Therefore every soul I had met so far in my journey was sent/ordained by Agathiyan .. to lead /guide me.."

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