Thursday, 8 August 2013


Thursday, 8 August 2013சித்தன் அருள் - 136

In today's post, Agathiyar has revealed an alarming fact through the Jeeva Nadi reading for a person who came to the Jeeva Nadi Guru for advise from Agathiyar. Karthikeyan has written in his blog about how Agathiyar wants those who have knowingly or unknowingly hit any person or being while driving to immediately go to the nearest Shiva Temple and light up a Moksha Deepam for that particular person/soul who died. Otherwise if left unattended this will incur a Dosham that would affect his generation, the third from him in particular. His grandchildren will suffer as a consequence of his doing. Agathiyar also mentions in the nadi that in the days of bygone the karma that one does will have to be rewarded or paid for in the next and following births. But the rule has changed now where one would have to pay for it or be rewarded in this very birth. Agathiyar had also advised doctors who perform surgeries to light the Moksha Deepam if in the event that they could not save their patient and they had died at his hands in an earlier reading on SITHTHAN ARUL.

Karthikeyan has also revealed through his blog the Jayanthi or Birth date of Lord Murugan which is on the 2 September this year. According to Bhogar, Lord Murugan's Avatar was in the Tamil month of Avani, during Poosam star, a Monday. 

Karthikeyan brings us another revelation regarding cheating others off their wealth and properties. Agathiyar sternly warns that all those who cunningly steal what belongs to others be it their wealth or properties, will have to deal with Pavam and Dosam that comes along with this act of evil.

In this post, Agathiyar reveals why we suffer. He says it is due to the consequences of our doings. Whether knowingly or unknowingly we could have done harm. And then there are those who know that what they are doing is wrong and yet continue with it. When they cannot stomach the misery and sufferings they come running to the Siddhas hoping for a relief. Some admit their mistakes, listen to what the Siddha has to say and carry it out. Others refused to submit to their mistakes, and insists they had not wronged. To them Agathiyar will behave in a different manner. Agathiyar would let things be and wait for these people to come running helter skelter once their sufferings increase. But Siddhas being the compassionate ones will eventually show them a way out of their predicament too. In this episode a lady eventually admitted that she in collaboration with certain doctors, sold the kidneys, which they received from the poor and illiterate by deceiving them, to others in need of a kidney for a hefty sum. But she had to pay for her actions. When she submitted to Agathiyar the ever compassionate Father removes her misery.

In this post, Karthikeyan reveals an episode where Agathiyar rewards a couple who where patient and followed as instructed by Agathiyar. On their first reading, Agathiyar without saying anything further asked them to come back after three months. They returned after three months. Now Agathiyar asks that they come back in four months time. They returned as told. Agathiyar conveys a message to the Jeeva Nadi Guru on why Sidhas refuse to appear in the nadi. People come with high expectations. They want their miseries to disappear overnight. They want immediate results. Otherwise they turn against the Nadi reader and Agathiyar. This is reality says Agathiyar. Agathiyar reveals to a certain extend the workings of the Siddhas and the revelations in the Nadi readings. The Sidhas have to look into the past karma of these people, having evaluated their merits only then can the Sidhas propose remedies.

Thursday, 11 July 2013சித்தன் அருள் - 132

Agathiyar says every action of ours has to reach out to the other in a positive way where the other party benefits or gains and our action has to bring joy and satisfaction to them. This deed of ours shall return to us as a Kavasam or shield or force field of good merits. Here Agathiyar asks that we live our life righteously.

Thursday, 4 July 2013சித்தன் அருள் - 131

Karthikeyan says that on many occasions Agathiyar has given people another opportunity to amend and change themselves. That is our compassionate Father.

Again Agathiyar reminds us that good thoughts shall bring positive vibes that enhances our lives and shall form a force field that protects us. At times when those who harbor doubts and negative thoughts come for a reading, Agathiyar sends them away with a warning, either directly or indirectly. To some he shall question them and after assessing them, if Agathiyar feels that they are likely to change then he comes to their aid and shows them a way out of their predicament.

Thursday, 20 June 2013சித்தன் அருள் - 129

Agathiyar warns us in this episode of SITHTHAN ARUL to be aware when receiving or purchasing certain artifacts or things including Lingam and Salikkramam that are defective or broken even for the purpose of prayers. Agathiyar warns us further not to worship defective Lingam and two particular Salikkramam namely Narashimhar and Sudarshan. The belief that another has done harm through on us black magic prevails in our circles. Agathiyar asks that we do not indulge in it and Agathiyar has mentioned numerous times that he himself does not belief in it.

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