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The Siddhas have significantly contributed to the fields of science, medicine, alchemy, botany, literature, Yoga, astronomy, astrology, religious rites, ceremonies and philosophy that has assisted humanity to evolve towards a higher universal consciousness. 

While Thamarai Nolakam [1] in Chennai have extensively published Siddha works and made them available to the public, individuals and organizations too have played a role in spreading the words of the Siddhas lately.

Although a large number of these Siddhas are based in the Indian subcontinent, some Siddhas have ventured out to other parts of the world. We shall look at Siddhas who had at one time being in Malaysia.

Movements associated with Siddhas have been in existence in Malaysia for some time now. Disciples of Thavathiru Rengaraja Desiga Swamigal of Ongarakudil in Turaiyur about 60 kilometers north of the town Trichi have to be given credit for bringing over Siddhas messages and their works.

Govindasamy Shivapalan of the Department Of Indian Studies, University Of Malaya, in his paper entitled THE SIDDHA WORSHIP IN MALAYSIA: AN INTRODUCTION (Sivapalan, 2006) presented at the 32nd All India Sociological Conference held at Chennai, India in 2006, says the Nadi reading gained popularity in Malaysia in the eighties. Many were introduced to the Siddhas through these Nadis. People came to worship the Siddhas through these Nadi readings.

He adds that Swami Shivananda Paramahansa [2] had established the Siddha Vidhya Sangam to spread the teachings of Siddhas after arriving in Malaya in 1937. An ashram was started in Tasik, Perak.

Dharmalingam, a disciple of Thavathiru Rengaraja Desiga Swamigal, on his part began to spread the teachings of Siddhas in 1986 and established the Agastiar Sanmaarga Sangam in 1989. 

Tamilvanan branched out to set up another Sangam in Dengkil in 1994. Ramakrishnan started one in Kapar. 

More recently in 2005, Appana Nagappan ventured to open another organization under the patronage of Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar at Wisma Keringat, Batu Caves.

Practitioners of herbal medicine called Siddha medicine popularized herbal or Siddha cures and by doing so introduced the Malaysian public to the Siddhas. Siddha medicine and its form of treatment originated from the Siddhas.

Tamil movies and television serials aired in Malaysia too have had a share in bringing the existence of the Nadis, Siddhas and Siddha medicine to the public. The Tamil movie based on Agathiyar [3], Siddha Nandanar [4], Siddha Gorakhar [5], Siddha Pattinathar [6], Siddha Avvaiyaar [7], Siddha Karaikal Ammaiyar [8], the Nayanmar and television serials like Shivamayam[9] and Chidambaram Ragasiyam [10] too had had left an impact on them. The most recent television serial on Jaya TV, the serial that has yet to be aired Agathiyar Arul Vaku [11] based on Hanumathdasan’s NADI SOLLUM KATHAI or revelations from Agathiyar’s Jeeva Nadi, will help popularize the Siddhas and their Nadi and also showcase the workings of the Siddhas. 

The First World Conference Of Siddha Principle [12] held in Kuala Lumpur and the Second World Conference Of Siddha Principle [13] held in Chennai helped promote Siddha teachings amongst the Malaysians too. The Third World Conference of Siddha Principle [14] was held in Kuala Lumpur again in June of 2010. The Forth World Conference of Siddha Principle was held in Madurai, India and the fifth [15] was held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. These events brought Siddhas and their teachings and Siddha medicine to the attention of the public.

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