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This series of tales is based on Velayutham Karthikeyan Aiya's postings on his blog SITHTHAN ARUL at

Here you will find postings of true incidences narrated by the Jeeva Nadi Guru of Chennai to Karthikeyan Aiya who was a very close friend of his. I came to understand the Jeeva Nadi Guru had in his possession Agathiyar's Jeeva Nadi the past 40 years. He used to read the Jeeva Nadi for devotees and seekers where Agathiyar explains the reasons and the remedy to their problems. The Jeeva Nadi Guru has since passed away in 2010.

After reading Karthikeyan Aiya's blog I began to understand better the workings of the Siddhas and the Nadi. I was mesmerized, amazed, joyful, and in bliss at times; shaken up, saddened and angry at other times just reading the incidents and happenings as posted by Karthikeyan Aiya. 

The revelations of Agathiyar captivated me so much that I wanted to translate this series in English for the benefit of the non-Tamil speaking readers. Subsequently I undertook this task with the permission and blessings of Karthikeyan Aiya. I have included translations of 22 episodes from Karthikeyan Aiya's blog in my book FIRE OF DEVOTION available at SCRIBD.COM.

I have posted below one episode.


Once Agathiyar delivered a message in the Jeeva Nadi for the Jeeva Nadi Guru to forewarn him of an incident that was to take place.

Agathiyar revealed, “A man shall approach you (the Jeeva Nadi Guru) this evening at 6 pm. Although he looks like a vagabond, he is rich and a great devotee of Lord Shiva too. However, he does not have peace of mind. As a reason he left his family. Certain miracles are about to take place in his life after he returns from here.”

Just as Agathiyar had forewarned in the Jeeva Nadi, a man appeared at the Jeeva Nadi Guru’s house at 6 pm. He could hardly walk straight. The man enquired if the Jeeva Nadi Guru read's the Nadi. He then showed the Jeeva Nadi Guru a small bottle which he held out in his hand. the Jeeva Nadi Guru glanced at the label on the bottle. It was a pesticide and was only half-full. He looks up at the man and realized his mouth was frothing.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru enquired what had happened to him. The man replied that he had consumed the poison. The Jeeva Nadi Guru felt a chill go down his back. To the question as to why he came there, he replied that he wanted to see the Nadi. 

“What? In this situation?” questioned the Jeeva Nadi Guru.

“Why not? Would not Agathiyar answer?” was his reply. 

When the Jeeva Nadi Guru asked that he seek medical treatment first, he adamantly stood fixed and insisted the Nadi be read. No amount of coaxing would make him leave the place to seek medical aid.

When the Jeeva Nadi Guru refused to read the Nadi for him, he said that he only wanted the Jeeva Nadi Guru to find out from Agathiyar if he would survive or not?

“Just ask Agathiyar this question and I shall be on my way,” he said.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru who was greatly disturbed made him sit down and rushed to have his bath and prayer before returning with the Jeeva Nadi. 

Agathiyar revealed a secret to the Jeeva Nadi Guru. 

“This man is a devotee of Lord Shiva. He came up the hard way in life and made his riches in a very short time. He is married but does not have a child. The relatives used this issue to separate the couple. He left his home some time back without anyone’s knowledge. The families, thinking he had died, are in the midst of dividing his wealth among them. He had traveled to north India and now has sought me.”

Agathiyar added that he would live.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru told the man that he would survive.

The man replied that he did not believe it and to the Jeeva Nadi Guru’s horror consumed the remaining portion of the pesticide. “I have consumed the remaining poison, now how can I survive?” he argued. 

He was out to prove Agathiyar wrong.

The Jeeva Nadi Guru rushed to his prayer room and returned with some Palani Navabasana Murugan Vibhuti Prasad and Sandhana Kappu Prasad that he had. He gave it to the man, asking him to consume the Prasad. The man did as asked and began to leave.

When the Jeeva Nadi Guru reminded him to head for the hospital he replied, “Why should I? Agathiyar has said that I shall survive.”

The Jeeva Nadi Guru could not sleep the whole night long, thinking about what had transpired that evening. He sat for prayers at 3 am and asked to know if the man was still alive. 

Agathiyar in the Nadi replied that he was hale and alive. He also mentioned that the man was cured of his stomach ailment, which he had had for the past twenty years. 

“Moving about as a vagabond subjected him to having a stomach ailment. He had sought medical attention but was not cured. He seeked out Siddhas in Kollimalai to relieve him. After taking these herbs, he was better but not fully cured. Finally, he came to me. He had strong faith on me. Being a devotee of  Lord Shiva I decided to cure him but he resorted to drinking the poison when he could not bear the stomach pains. The Navabasana Vibhuti Prasad and Sandhana Prasad that you gave him cured him completely. The Navabasana countered the poison and acted as an antidote for his stomach ailment. Otherwise it could have led to cancer.” 

Message: The ever-compassionate father pardons and saves his devotee even if he misbehaves.

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