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The Nadi has a very good following too in Malaysia. Many Nadi readers have made their way to Malaysia to provide this service to those desperate and in need of guidance. A young Sivabalan saw his uncle, initially bring numerous thumbprints of Malaysians to Vaitheeswarankoil for an assessment of their Nadi, later decided to bring these readers over to Malaysia. Many have similarly made their way to Malaysia. 

I was blessed to have my very first reading with Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar of Avinashi at Sivabalan's home back in 2002. Later I was introduced to T.Ramesh by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. Ramesh has been providing readings for me since then.

My brother who was with the New Straits Times Malaysia, thought of covering the Nadi in the English daily, assigned Suganthi Suparmaniam to write on it. Suganthi contacted me and together with her photographer, we approached T.Ramesh for an interview. The interview was published subsequently. Siddha Heartbeat thanks the New Straits Times Malaysia for the article.
It is an ancient system of prediction, written on Palmyra leaves. Previously known only to a select group of people, the nadi astrology of India is growing in popularity. It has even been featured in documentaries, including on Discovery Channel. SUGANTHI SUPARMANIAM turns over the leaves.
Leafing Through Your Life
KUALA LUMPUR: A. Shanmugam sat transfixed. The nadi astrologer had just read out his name and those of his parents and siblings.

“I was astonished. Reading the nadi olai (dried Palmyra leaves), he could even tell that my mother had two names," said the technician.

Recalling the first time he had gone to see a nadi astrologer in 2002, Shanmugam said the astrologer took his thumbprint and checked it against several bundles of olai.

“I was told to say only yes or no as he read from the olai. He asked if my name started with ‘Pa’ or ‘Re’ or ‘Mu’. When he said ‘Sha’, I said yes. He asked if my name was Shanmugam.”

“He then asked if my parents were named so and so and if I had this number of siblings and if I worked as a technician.”

“However, when he came to the name of my wife, he said it was Manogari. My wife’s name is Maheshwari. He then said this was not my olai and asked me to come again in two weeks.”

“This time, all the information about me fell into place. Nevertheless, I am amazed that such information about me could be contained in the olai said to have been written by Siddhas ages ago.

“I am also amazed that there could be another man with my name and whose parents and siblings have similar names but who has a wife called Manogari.”

“Since then I have seen the nadi astrologer 17 times. I find there is truth in what is said in the olai, at least for me,” he added.

Shanmugam is just one of the many people who are consulting nadi astrologers to find out their past, present and future.

After being told by a Chinese friend about the nadi astrologers, Chiew Chee Hoong, 50, from Subang Jaya went to find out.

“My friend told me the readings were accurate. I went to the astrologer, gave him my thumb-print and within minutes he found a script and read out my name,” he said.

He added that he was happy with the reading and described it as accurate. He said he would be performing a special prayer as instructed in the olai.

Businessperson Tan Chee Meng, 45, from Rawang said he felt something was missing in his life and decided to consult a nadi astrologer.

“I was shocked with what the astrologer told me. The accuracy of it was scary, he even came up with my ex-wife’s name,” he said, adding that the results were immediate as after performing a prayer suggested by the astrologer, business picked up.

The nadi astrologer can tell why someone is leading a happy life or a miserable life. Alternatively, what life holds for the future? In addition, he can offer remedial advice.

This ancient Indian art of prediction is said to have been written by Siddhas, called siddhas, thousands of years ago. The predictions were written on olai in Vatu Ezhuthu, a Tamil script, using a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezhuthani. Expert nadi astrologers can only decipher it.

University Malaya lecturer G. Shivapalan, who teaches Siddha philosophy and Indian astrology, said he was a non-believer. He said he changed his opinion when his sick sister became well after consulting a nadi astrologer in India, who, through the nadi, directed him to meet a doctor in a hospital.

“I had taken my sister to many specialists here and I figured I had nothing to lose so we looked for the doctor.”

“We asked around for a doctor with the initials given by the astrologer and found him. True enough, after consulting him, my sister became well,” said Shivapalan.

He believes nadi readings are accurate but cautioned against wrong interpretations by the astrologers who read them. Some astrologers, he said, had money on their mind and these people often made mistakes. Shivapalan added that mistakes could also creep in when astrologers made copies of the olai as each leaf only lasts about 200 years. He said nadi astrology made its debut in Malaysia in the 1980's and many of these astrologers from India had been coming here ever since. He said he had written down interpretations made by nadi astrologers for more than 800 people here.

Nadi astrologer R. Sentil Kumar said only certain people were fated to know their past, present and future through the nadi system. He said the nadi also provided ways to reduce the impact of bad karma or overcome obstacles.

“Incurable diseases are cured if they follow the instructions in the nadi. However, the influence of past karma affects a person so badly that sometimes it is written in the olai itself that that person should not be helped with remedial measures,” he said, adding that such people had committed atrocities in their previous births.

Sentil said his clients included Malaysians, Singaporeans, Germans and Japanese who came to India to read their olai.

Another astrologer, T. Ramesh, who has been reading olai for more than 16 years, agreed with Shivapalan about misinterpretations of the nadi and added that true readers of the nadi were born, not made.

“Sometimes, people come here with questions and the answers will appear in their nadi,” he said.

Ramesh said nadi astrology was different from ordinary astrology as only through nadi could a person know his past karma (actions done in previous lives). He said with this knowledge, a person could better understand his circumstances today. He has read the olai for more than 20,000 Malaysians.

Brief history

THE nadi inscriptions are said to have been written in India thousands of years ago by Siddhas on olai or dried Palmyra leaves, using their yogic intuitive powers. Over the centuries, the olai were passed on from father to son or master to disciple. In recent times, many of these bundles of olai were collected and stored in the Saraswati Mahal Library in Tanjore, south India. When the British came, they are said to have sold off some of these olai to locals, mostly astrologers. The olai were handed down over the generations. Young people were given training in how to read the nadi. It soon became a means of livelihood for many. The olai are preserved by rubbing them with peacock oil on auspicious occasions. The main center of nadi astrology is in and around Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram, in Tamil Nadu.

How it is read

THE thumbprint of the seeker is taken and is used to identify the seeker’s olai from the numerous manuscripts in the astrologer’s possession. If the person is lucky, his olai will be with that particular astrologer. If not, he will have to look for it from other astrologers. Sometimes the olai containing his information might have been lost or destroyed and he will not be able to have his olai read. Once the astrologer locates the particular bundle, he begins to read from each olai and asks the person a series of questions about his life, to identify the correct olai. This process can take a few minutes or several hours. Once the correct olai is located, the astrologer reads from it, describing the person’s life in detail. The astrologer will also suggest remedial measures for a person to reduce the influence of past karma and enhance the benefit of future activities.
Dr Amir Farid Isahak who writes a bi-weekly column in The Star wrote about the Nadi too. Siddha Heartbeat thanks the Star for the article.

Dr Amir wrote on Sunday September 9, 2007,
Akashic Energy
ONE of the most amazing phenomena I have ever come across is that of the Akashic records or Nadi astrology. Akashic records are records of your life – past, present and future, written by Siddhas (Siddhas) over 10,000 years ago. The records are written on wooden Nadi “leaves” and are read by trained readers.

My first exposure to this was nine years ago, when I first met my Kundalini Master Jagath Guru Mahan Paranjothiar( during his visit to Kuala Lumpur. I actually did not know what to expect, as I only went there to pay my respects to a great spiritual master. Before meeting Guruji, I was asked to meet Swaminathan, one of his disciples.

Uir Nadi

Swaminathan is a gifted Uir Nadi reader. When the “reading” started, the subject’s Akashic records would appear in Sanskrit on a shiny metal plate, but only he could see the writings! Even though he could speak English very well, in order not to disturb his concentration and flow, he had another disciple interpret for me. When he started reading my past, it was all accurate. In addition, when the reading of my future was done, I was stunned. After the reading, Swaminathan kissed my hand and called me “Guruji”!

When I was introduced to the real Guruji, he surprised me and his senior disciples who were in the room when he said that he had travelled the whole world looking for me. When I told him that just six months previously my Sufi master had come all the way from New York also looking for me (I had not known either of them before) to tell me about my spiritual mission, he smiled and said that they both received instructions from the same GOD! Both of them also said that my son would continue my spiritual work. My son’s name is the same as my first Sufi Shaykh’s, Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani.

Nadi leaves

Many years later, my fascination with this subject was rekindled after seeing a Discovery Channel documentary, and I decided to investigate further. I went for a reading. It took over 1½ hours just to select my Nadi leaf. This was done through a process of elimination. When the correct leaf was found, what it contained was astounding. TheSiddhas even “spoke” to me through the leaf. They said, “You will be astonished by our powers. You will be seeking knowledge about Siddhas and be blessed. You may be a Muslim, but you are fated to know all these. You will get more knowledge and become like a Siddha yourself. You will get very clear high-level knowledge in your mind. You will discover many truths, and will encounter many surprises. You are fated to know secrets. You were born into this world to know the Truth. “Wow. What can I say? My journey has just begun, and I will continue to share snippets of it with my readers.

It was explained to me that from the time of creation, everything already had its energy imprint and that the Siddhas had knowledge of this imprint and were able to know almost everything about every individual ever born and to be born into this world. Akasha actually means the inner mind or super conscious realm that merges with the cosmic realm that contains all the information about the past, present and future. The Siddhas had the ability to access this information by their faith and practices.

As a Muslim, this is not foreign to me, as GOD had told the Prophet (peace be upon him): “When my servants are close to me, then my ears become their ears, and my eyes become their eyes.” (From Hadis Qudsi, meaning that those who are close to GOD will have access to knowledge that is not available to others.)

In energy healing, nadi refers to the channels through which the life force (prana or qi) flows, interspersed by the chakras (energy centers). It is estimated that there are about 72,000 nadis traversing the inner body.

The Nadi leaves referred here are the channels of information to the entire human race. If they take the good advice, they can live in peace and harmony. Therefore, the Nadi leaves are important for the health of humanity, since they carry advices and remedies for our physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Muslims are not allowed to go to fortunetellers because we are to do our best, pray for divine assistance, and then accept that whatever happens is predetermined, and good in the eyes of GOD. To go to fortunetellers may cause the person to believe in what is being predicted, at the risk of losing sight of the fact that it is GOD who determines everything, including our future. The subject of fate and destiny is something very complex and confusing to most. While everything is already written down, not everything is revealed by GOD, even to the Prophets, Saints, and Siddhas. With his permission, these chosen people do get accurate information about the future, and the information can be in detail. That is why all Prophets made prophesies, as part of the signs of prophet hood, and as guidance and warnings to their followers and all humanity. The Saints and Siddhas also are given similar gifts of prophesy, although at a less significant level and power compared to prophets. There are fortunetellers, psychics, clairvoyants, modern-day “prophets”, bomohs, sinsehs and other traditional soothsayer who predict and prophesies with varying accuracies. Their source is the lowest realm of the cosmic database. Some even predict “4-digit” numbers accurately, which goes to show that this realm is accessible to anyone who ventures in, for good use or for gambling and black magic. It is also the realm that dark spirits have absolute access to.

Akashic records are at a higher realm, available only to those who are destined to know their future. If you go for your reading, be assured, you record is there. If you never go for your reading, be assured the Siddhas did not waste their time writing about someone who was never going to have his record read. Evenchildren’ records are read by their parents in preparation for their future upbringing. There have been over 10 billion humans since the first man (Adam for some of us), and the Siddhas have written for all those who will go to have their readings done, until he end of time.

The Siddhas are also the guardians of Siddha Medicine, one of the three traditional medical practices recognized by the Indian government (the others are Ayurveda, the ancient health and healing philosophy and practice based on Vedic sciences, and Unani, the youngest, which is actually Greek medicine practiced by Arab/Muslims and staying faithful to the Hippocratic dictum to let food be our medicine, and medicine be our food, and to religious commandments).There are experienced Siddha physicians here in Malaysia and recently, they hosted the world congress of Siddha Medicine. I will study this fascinating field and report to you from time to time.
The dear Dr wrote again on Sunday October 4, 2009 regarding the Nadi,
The Wandering Masters
Siddhas are often described as wanderers on the path of love. However, their physical journeys are nothing compared to their spiritual ones.

ABOUT two years ago, I wrote about Nadi astrology and the Siddha Siddhas’ predictions for me (see Akashic Energy at You will enjoy reading today’s article better if you read this previous posting first. Since the Siddha had written that I was one of them, my Nadi astrologer had reported this to his Guru when he returned to India. The Guru then sent his greetings to me and indicated that there were more messages for me.

Recently, I went to see my Nadi astrologer Guru Ramesh again since I thought it was about time I found out what the further messages for me were. This time I was surprised because Guru Ramesh kissed my hand in respect. When I asked why he did that, he replied that since he had read my Nadi leaves, he knew whom I was.

The Siddhas 
Siddha means “one who is accomplished” and refers to enlightened masters who have spiritually perfected themselves through subjugating their egos, meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), and rightful living. They acquire wisdom, knowledge, and supernatural abilities, which include the ability to heal. Their service is for the well-being of all humanity.

I find much similarity between the Siddhas and the Sufis, who are also people on the spiritual path of love, wisdom, and enlightenment. Both are steeped in mysticism, and are often misunderstood, and sometimes said to be mad! I now have five Sufi masters guiding me, and I know many fascinating Sufi stories. However, the Siddhas preceded the Sufis by several thousand years. Their story began more than 5,000 years ago. Certainly, they have more stories to tell.

In Hindu mythology, Siddhas were said to have lived in Siddhashram, in the holy lands of the Himalayas, where many sadhus, Siddhas, and yogis lived. Nowadays, the Siddhas of South India are better known. They are called Siddhas or Cittars in Tamil Nadu. Their lineage continues to this day, though they are more known for the practice of Siddha Medicine rather than their spirituality. However, Siddha Siddhas do exist, but most are hidden. Their popularity will mushroom as more discover their amazing predictions written in the Nadi leaves. In the southern tradition, there were 18 principal Siddhas. Of these, Siddha Agasthiyar was the first, and is believed to be the father of Siddha Medicine. In addition, he communicates with me through his writings on the Nadi leaves. My other Siddha guide is Siddha Bhogar, also a master of Siddha Medicine, astrology, astral travel, exercise, and cosmic energy. It is therefore not surprising that I am a medical doctor delving in alternative/complementary medicine, qigong exercises, and energy healing.

Advice from Siddha Agasthiyar 

May I remind you that whatever is written here was written on the Nadi leaves by Siddha Agasthiyar thousands of years ago. Siddha Agasthiyar said that he and the other Siddha Siddhas would continue to bless and guide me. They have tuned my chakras and empowered me. Secrets, miracles, and “new things” will be revealed to me. I am to strengthen my faith as a Muslim through prayers and good deeds, and to be a noble ambassador of my religion. Even though we are not of the same faith, our duties are the same. We both serve humanity in many ways. This brought us together. Through the guidance of Siddha Bhogar, I will be exposed to various healing methods, and will teach others.

There are other Gurus and teachers waiting to guide me, including those from other religions. (You may be surprised to know that among my spiritual advisers is a local Evangelist Bishop who said that he was directed by God to guide me. I accept advice from all wise and sincere men and women.)

However, what stunned me most was when he specifically mentioned that I should visit the ashram of Jegath Guru Paranjothiar Mahan in Tirumurthi Hills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, before more secrets that are spiritual will be revealed to me. Among my non-Muslims teachers, he is closest to me. Guruji Mahan was described as a master who teaches about knowing and loving God, and spreading happiness, gladness, and peace among humanity. Indeed, his usual greeting is “Santhosam” (gladness).Although Guruji Mahan is not a Muslim, preferring to be known as a universal child of God, his teaching about God is similar to the Oneness (tauhid) believed by Muslims, so I am comfortable with his teachings. I believe Guruji Mahan is a living Siddha Siddha. Guruji Mahan has always treated me as his spiritual son, even though he is only a few years older than I am. We have known each other for about 11 years, and many times, he has invited me to visit his ashram. I never seemed to have the time, and besides, I was able to meet him often because he came here quite regularly. However, Siddha Agasthiyar said although Guruji would have waited for me until whenever I am ready, the disciple should visit the Guru for the spiritual doors to open wide. He said that Guruji likes me very much and that he will empower me. I will visit him soon. You can know more about him at

Siddha Agasthiyar continued that I am to teach through my speeches and my writings, something that I am already doing now. He also warned me that some would reject what I say (but then even the prophets were rejected!).He also taught me an exercise to fine-tune my spiritual reception so that one day I can see the past, the present, and the future. If Allah wills, it will happen.

Siddhas are often described as wanderers on the path of love. However, their physical journeys are nothing compared to their journeys into the secret chambers of their hearts, where the lover and the beloved (GOD) meet. The Sufis also walk the same path, of finding the beloved, and yearning to be one with him (in purpose, not in form). The Siddhas preceded Islam, and I love and honor them the same way as I love and honor my Sufi masters. From the Sufi and Siddha teachings, let me share with you that the inner journey is the greater path, for it is here that realities are experienced and understood. It is a difficult journey wrought with challenges of the ego, pride, anger, envy, greed, lust, and many more weaknesses that are human. When these are subdued, then finally, the wanderer only wanders outwardly, for once, he has found the beloved in his heart, and he stays “home” there.

The outward journey and the physical forms are necessary training and often illusions to the truth of our existence, and our purpose in life. Inaddition, remember this – the one who is in love with God, will love all humanity. To love the most compassionate, merciful and just God also means to be compassionate, merciful, and just to our fellow human beings, and to all creation. That is the essence of spirituality, of whatever tradition, faith, or religion.

My Wanderings 

As predicted by the Nadi leaves, in the last few years, I have been busy traveling with the Buddhist Amitabha group and the Malaysian religious leaders. In addition to these, I traveled to Brunei, Macau, Taiwan, and Japan to give health talks, consultations, or visit health supplement manufacturing facilities. I also went to Italy, France, Bulgaria, and China for training in aesthetic surgical techniques, lasers, and electro-therapy. While the Siddhas of olden days wander on land preaching love and spirituality, I am crisscrossing the continents on jet-planes, preaching and doing many other things!

The Siddhas are also guardians of possibly the oldest organized healing system – Siddha Medicine. When I do have the time, I will meet the Siddha physicians and learn from them the secrets of this ancient healing system. 
Bala Chandran Gunasekaran of Malaysia has taken upon himself to promote the Siddhas and their Nadi, as a form of service to both the Siddhas and the public has brought a total of 125 people to seek their Nadi.


  1. Please, may i have the contact number of T.Ramesh by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal. If you can help me, my family and i will forever be indebt for the help you have bestowed upon us.

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