Sunday, 19 February 2017


There is joy in giving.

Walking us through Valluvar's Kural, Aasan TR brings to light the necessity to perform acts of aram or dharma as spoken by Valluvar. With his extensive knowledge on the Tamil literature and his vast experience in reading the Nadi, comprehending and understanding the principles upheld by the Siddhas, Aasan puts it all in plain language for our understanding and comprehension, citing the need to give back to society. There is joy in giving.

Speaking to Balachander Aiya, one who we at AVM turn to for advice, has never failed us with his practical and logical thinking based on his vast travels and experience as an accountant, banker, administrator and hotelier. Taking up Kriya Hatha Yoga he later volunteered to organised programs for Babaji's Kriya Yoga Trust in Malaysia. He also undertook to distribute their publications in Malaysia. These books can be purchased on line at There is joy in giving.

Acharya Gurudasan from this organization brought the Kriya Hatha Yoga teachings to members of AVM during his stay in Malaysia before returning to Bangalore. There is joy in giving.

Speaking to Surendaran Selvaratnam a moment ago, he too put it in a simple language on the necessity to do aram and that too today, rather than postpone for another day. The mystery of Siddha samadhis; the auspiciousness of certain Siddha spots and temples; the dos and don'ts at these places; and many other questions have been answered through Suren through the Nadi readings. He then shares it at AVM. There is joy in giving. 

Speaking to Bala Chandran Gunasekaran, he is obsessed in serving the society, looking for ways to contribute further. Gathering his friends, he started Thondu Seivom to serve the community and later started a feeding program among his family members. There  is joy in giving.

Sri Krishna started the Pothigai Meals on Wheels feeding program bringing food to the homeless on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. He is assisted by Shanga Manikam, Balamurugan and several others. There is joy in giving.

Many good souls at AVM have come together to contribute to Amudhasurabhi which caters for the needs of several homes and their inmates. Dr Jana volunteers to looks into the health aspects of the inmates at these homes. There is joy in giving.

Master Uva with his guru, Master Arunan have extended their offer to heal through Varma Point Therapy and Varma Energy Therapy on a monthly basis and even to include a session on group energy therapy. There is joy in giving.

It brings joy in speaking about these wonderful souls and many others who have gathered at AVM to pray, serve and share the joy in giving. 

Dr VM Jayapalan from Agathiyar Mei Gnana Sabai, Ulsoor, Bangalore received a wonderful revelation on the disastrous effects of being egoist, and the merits in performing annadhanam among many other stories which he had released as an audio CD Agathiyar Thiruvilaiyadal. He was gracious to allow us to use his material.

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