Sunday, 19 February 2017


AVM took another step forward yesterday in providing service to the public when two masters, Master Arunan Veerappan and Master Uva each an adept in their own fields of treatment, treated several devotees of Agathiyar using Varma Point Therapy and Varma Energy Therapy respectively. I personally was treated back in June of last year for my middle back pain by both these masters.

Master Arunan, a very low profile Varma guru tutored his student Master Uva, who took up his teachings and the teachings of many other gurus Tokoh Guru Kannan Varma Kalai & Silambam Grandmaster of Malaysia; Veera Kalai & Siddhar Yogam Master Jothi Ramalingam of Natagiri Malai, India; Varmam & Veera Kalai Aasan Rajendren Krisnaraj of Coimbatore, India; Varma Kalai & Varma Yogam Master Marutha Paandhi of Sankarankoil, India; Veera Kalai & Siddhar Yogam Master Kumar of Papanasam, India; Yoga & Energy Healing Master Veera of White Lotus Yoga in Malaysia; Hatha Yoga and Pranayamam Yogi Master Joe from Malaysia; Siddha Medicine & Healing master Vellingiri Swamy Krisna Moorthy of Natagiri Malai, India; Spiritual Wisdom & Essence master Dr Kadeer Ibrahim of Malaysia; and Super Qi Gong & Inner Power master Dr Amir Farid Ishak also from Malaysia. With these vast and diversified knowledge obtained through these great masters, Master Uva teaming up with his master, Master Arunan, have brought all these invaluable teachings together and molded them into a comprehensive package that is presented during the Varmam classes held by them. Students keen in learning these techniques can contact these Masters.

Wanting to give back to society both these masters with the blessings of Agathiyar began their very first public healing session at AVM yesterday. Seven devotees of Agathiyar were treated for various ailments and discomfort and also received the therapy for general good health. 

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