Sunday, 12 February 2017


Last night Sanjiv Malhotra from New Delhi wanted to know more about the upcoming Sivarathri prayers, the dos and don'ts. He was hoping Aasan TR could bring us a Nadi reading from Mahamuni Agathiyar. I put his wish to Aasan TR in private. This morning after his prayers in the early morning hours of three, Agathiyar graciously blessed us all explaining about Sivarathri and its significance in the Jeeva Nigandu Suksha Nadi!

Briefly Agathiyar ask us to recite hymns from the Thevaram, the Sivapuranam, Ramalinga Adigalar's Mahadeva Maalai, Parasiva Vilakam, and Thiruvadi Pugalchi; Stay awake, sit upright and meditate on Siva. In preparation for a meditative state at night, we are required to eat only once, consuming good fresh wholesome raw food, during the day.  We are required to reduce all kinds of activities and rituals during this day.

Siddha Heartbeat takes this opportunity to thank Aasan TR for sharing these and many other messages from Mahamuni so that we could adopt these measures and improve the quality of our devotion. 

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