Monday, 27 February 2017


Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Praba

Photo Courtesy of Sivakavin, Agathiyar Arul Aalayam, based in Chennai

Photo Courtesy of Bala Chandran Gunasekaran

Photo Courtesy of Sri Krishna

When I used to travel with Tavayogi to the Siddha spots, he would mention that the Siddhas came, were around and had given their blessings. And I used to look up at the skies hoping to see something. But I saw nothing.

At Agasthiyampalli, Tavayogi motioned me to the spot he stood at, in the open ground, and directed me to look at Agathiyar in his sannadhi. Agathiyar was opening and closing his eyes he said. But I saw nothing. Later Tavayogi throws his shawl asking me to place it on the stained floor at Agathiyar's sannadhi. Agathiyar opens his left eye in his granite form!

I had an appointment to see the Nadi one day. After looking around for a parking spot, I found one beside the Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields. Although it was some distance away from Nadi Nool Aasan T.Ramesh's office block, but it was fine. Since I was already at the temple, I thought I should garland Agathiyar at this temple. When I sat in front of Agathiyar for the reading, he mentions that I had just garlanded him!

While waiting for Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh in his office space on another day, I was prayerful, thinking about all the blessings that my family and I had received from Agathiyar. Agathiyar in the reading tells me that I was thinking about him!

After giving me an hour long lecture on anger management in the Nadi, and as I left Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh's premises, I find myself faced with a dilemma. It was one in the afternoon. The heat was unbearable. And what do I find? Someone had double-parked and I could not get my car out of the parking spot. To add fuel to my anger it was a Sunday and there was ample empty parking bays on both sides and all along the road. Why did he choose to block my vehicle? After honking for some time I finally had to force push the car out of my way sufficient enough for me to slip through. I had failed in the test of patience that Agathiyar placed before me. My family was having a field day at my expense, looking up at the skies, saying that Agathiyar must be monitoring my moves through the CCTV.

Once a friend of mine while waiting for his turn to see the Nadi at Nadi Nool Aasan Ramesh's office started small talk with a girl who was waiting too. The conversation between the reader and the client was audible outside. Midway in their chat, the girl mentions that Agathiyar was mentioning about her to her male friend who was having the reading. Shortly her friend came out and she went in for her reading. Now the guy tells my friend that Agathiyar was talking about him to her female friend. Eventually at the end of both their readings they were matched made by Agathiyar!

Recently when Balachander Aiya and me were at Ramesh's office, while waiting to see the reading, I started to question if at all Agathiyar spoke about politics. Thinking that the Siddhas were spiritually enlightened and above all materialistic things, I wondered if they would come down to address our transient concerns. When Ramesh finished his reading with an earlier client, having sent him off, engaged in a conversation with us, I asked him if Agathiyar spoke politics. He replied that "Yes Agathiyar has spoken about politics". That surprised us. To our further surprise after speaking about numerous matters, Agathiyar in the Nadi talks about politics to us!

Agathiyar had mentioned specific devotional songs to be sung during the recent Shivarathri. These were songs from the Thiruarutpa by Ramalinga Adigalar namely Mahadeva Maalai, Parasiva Vilakam, and Thiruvadi Pugalchi; and Manikavasagar's Sivapuranam. He knows every saint and his work!

Yesterday, immediately after feeding the kids at the home, Bala Chandran is called in for a reading. Agathiyar speaks about the feeding session! He knows every child and his work!

Agathiyar says he is in the prapancham and the prapancham is in him. Indeed he is all encompassing!


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