Friday, 6 January 2017


It is said that Agathiyar was summoned by Lord Shiva and sent to the south to balance the earth that had tilted as a result of all the Gods, Goddesses, Devas, and Devis converging at mount Himalayas to witness the marriage of the Lord to Parvathi. When I was with Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal at Agasthiyampalli in 2005, the "temple priest" pointed us to the very spot where Agathiyar had placed his thumb on the ground to set the earth right. 

Logic would tell us that to create a balance both sides need to be equally weighted. So one can deduce the magnanimity and greatness of Agathiyar through this simple episode. I choose to see Agathiyar as equivalent to all who had gathered there at the wedding reception. In the last Nadi reading Agathiyar says that he sits at AVM representing Lord Shiva and Parvathi in their moment of matrimony. Blessed are we to hear this revelation. 

During our recent travels in India which culminated in us taking part in the four day celebrations for Agathiyar at Kallar Ashram, AVM family was intoxicated with miracles upon miracles at almost every temple, cave and samadhi that we went to.  

As Siddha Heartbeat carries the tag, "Taking the First Step into the Mysterious & Mystical World of the Siddhas" and an opener "Step in to Believe in the Mysterious Workings of the Siddhas", and another slogan from Agathiyar that when translated goes as, "While man says that he only believes when it happens (an event or something); the Siddhas on contrary say that if man believes, it happens", this blog loves to carry amusing and amazing miracles, the very binding agent or cement that bonds the faith and belief of man with Erai.

Speaking about miracles is important as it can bring many closer to the perception of Erai and the creator. By personally experiencing these miracles that go beyond logical thought patterns, they are captivated and indulge themselves to learn more about the creators of these miracles. Hence their journey towards the mysterious and mystical world of the Siddhas begins. They step in with belief on the mysterious workings of the Siddhas. Hence as the Siddhas say, "If man believes, it happens", everything is possible. 

The movie Dr Strange from Marvel Studios was an eye opener towards this phenomena. I can attest to it that that is what happened at Palani, my favourite portal and twilight zone! The walls and floors of Palani Dhandayuthapani Swamy sannadhi and that of Bhoganathar's samadhi, nay the very space itself was altered in all my three visits there! 

If I thought it only happened in Palani, the Siddhas shook me again by presenting me two entirely different visions at Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple too on two different visits!

Balamurugan after listening to all of us who returned from the visit, said that the difference between his visit and ours was that we chose to see all as a miracle! He was equally amazed! Who would not be, when doors to temples that are closed are opened on our arrival and those that were to be closed stayed open till we had had our darshan!

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