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The very first time I heard of the mystical relationship of "Ayya" and "Ma" was through Jnana Jothi Amma. She used to share her numerous adventures with both of them. Both Ayya and Ma had indicated to her that they would soon pass her on to Agathiyar. Then she came face to face with Agathiyar himself at Kallar ashram. She realised the relationship of Ayya and Agathiyar then.

We at AVM realised this too through several amazing moments.

Prior to leaving for India, Bala Chandran had asked for blessings from “Ayya” who came through a trance via his uncle. Ayya had given an elaborate account of what needed to be done and what to expect during this journey, especially in Palani. 

On returning back home after a memorable nine day spiritually uplifting experience, the boys were back at "Ayya's" doorstep to know if whatever instructions given by him before our departure to India last December were carried out to his expectation and satisfaction. Ayya reveals more than they expected.

Ayya by revealing certain mystical facts about the Siddhas has cleared the air on the ever mystical and ever mysterious nature of these Siddhas. Even before AVM family members began their spiritual tour of India last December, Ayya had called up several members of this entourage and through them reminded the rest to be mindful and recognise these Siddhas at those places that we would be visiting. He had gone on to guide us at each place of our visit revealing to us what was to take place there. He detailed each ritual we were to perform at these places. 

Ayya became a spokesperson for the Siddhas in informing us about them. Hence with this knowledge we set off on a beautiful journey to Mystical India. As promised we were showered with their grace beyond our expectations.  

In yesterday's revelation, first and foremost Ayya had asked that we do not question his instructions. He explains that we will come to know the reasons behind him asking us to carry out certain things. He adds that it would be unfruitful if he were to reveal the reasons for asking to do so. 

Bala Chandran asked Ayya to confirm whether the "lady" we saw at our very first stop, Sri Rangam temple, was indeed Agathiyar himself? Bala also asked who was the "lady" at Palani who insisted Bala to continue reading the names of the Siddhas (chanting the Siddhar Potri) although the temple aids were asking us to end the chant and leave the premises as it was closing time. Ayya tells us that it was indeed Agathiyar who took on the form of these ladies. 

To recap these wonderful moments, as we made our way out of Sri Rangam temple, an elderly "lady" looked us straight into our eyes and lifted both her arms seeking alms. I walked by her with Bala directly behind me. I mentioned to Bala that if we were to give her money, there would be many others crowding us as is the norm. But almost immediately I realised that we were within the temple perimeter and never had we seen people begging within the temple walls! So I returned to her and Bala taking cue knelt at her feet as instructed by Ayya. She began to bless Bala in a way that we had never seen before, calling the Gods, Devas and Devis from the heaven to shower their grace on him. All the rest of us were rooted in our places, witness to this amazing moment.

At Bhoganathar’s sannadhi, as we lined up in the outer corridor to enter his inner sanctum we noticed a “lady” meditating. Soon she was behind us in the inner chamber too chanting a hymn for Bhuvaneswary, an aspect of Vaalai Thaai. Bala tells me she had asked them to receive the kumkum that the young priest handed out. She then left the sannadhi hurriedly ahead of us. As at all other sannadhis, we needed to sing the Siddhar Potri or list of names of the Siddhas here too at Bhoganathar's sannadhi. We decided to re-enter Bhoganathar’s sannadhi and find a spot along the corridor to begin the chant. To our amazement the lady whom we thought had left, was back in the corridor with us. She sat beside Bala who had began to chant. 

It was closure time and the temple helpers hurried the devotees on. Soon they closed the grills to the sannadhi too. They signalled to us to end our chanting as it was time to close the sannadhi. Bala kept pleading for a few more moments through hand gestures. To our surprise the lady seated beside Bala motioned him to speed up the chant but not to stop. While the aids wanted us to end the chant she on the contrary asked Bala to continue chanting. 

Bala sped up the chanting. The rest of us who were following - chanting "Potri Potri" - too sped up, to the rhythm of Bala. As the aids were trying to get us to stop, I stood up just to satisfy them momentarily while the rest remained seated and continued chanting. Finally just as we ended the Potri the mysterious lady took off into Bhoganathar’s sannadhi. Bala and the rest of us prostrated to Bhoganathar before stepping into his sannadhi a second time. 

The lady was waiting for us to turn up. I was told she applied prasad to the forehead of the girls and Bala and wished them well, saying all shall be fine. The children remembered that she mentioned that, "This is the reason she came for!" Saying thus she sped off with a certain urgency.

Ayya sheds some light on this miraculous happening. He says that Agathiyar wanted to sit among us and listen to us chant the names of the Siddhas!

Ayya adds that he was extremely satisfied with us taking on this journey. He was happy to see us attain a state of joy and bliss at these sanctums. He accepted as kanikai or offering, our tears that welled in the eyes of all, as as we stood before him. 

Ayya gave Bala Chandran a new task of carefully bringing Agathiyar's favourite family to Kallar for this years Guru Puja, hence fulfilling the yearning that they had and satisfying their disappointment in not being able to visit Kallar ashram for the Vizha or celebrations last December.

Truly amazing!

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