Sunday, 22 January 2017

Body, Self and Consciousness according to Tirumūlar’s Tirumandiram: A comparative study with Kashmir Śaivism

Srimathi Geetha Anand published her first research paper on Tirumandiram through the International Journal of Dharma Studies. She has graciously passed on to us a copy. Siddha Heartbeat takes pride in posting this piece.

She wrote a brief note accompanying this copy of her work, relating how she came to write this piece.
Thanks to JJ amma's (Jnana Jhothi Amma) blessings I was introduced to Agatthiyar Aiya who held my hand and guided me in this endeavor. Many were the moments when I threw in the towel crying I cannot do this. I do not have the capacity to understand this. On every such moment Agatthiyar Aiya was there consoling me, motivating me and providing me with the energy and mental clarity required for this experience. In fact the paper should have his name as the author, not mine. It was like avan arulal avan thaal vanangi.

Thank you Agatthiyar Aiya and all his children whose silent prayers have made this possible.

It (this work) is an example of how Siddhas use a simpleton as a pen and convey their message to the world. You would not believe how this came through. ….

All through these steps it was Agatthiyar Aiya and Tirumular holding my hand and taking me through the process, letting me enjoy their love and care. Honestly I do not even remember the contents as much as I remember this feeling. It was a true blessing. I can see Agatthiyar Aiya in your puja smiling!

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