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Just as he stabilized the earth, for devotees who approach him for his guidance, Agathiyar very carefully balances their merits and demerits (karma). He very carefully and diligently removes the knot that we have created for ourselves. To effect something in our life, he has to move another as it is all related. Hence the need to remain patient and wait, if necessary, to bring this change and fulfil one's desires. If only we could appreciate what he is doing for us and show some gratefulness!

Pon Govindasamy released many interesting information in his "Thiruchitrabalam Yendra Sirsabaiyum Porsabaiyum Avaniyin Antaranga Arul Arasu Chidambara Ragasiyam" and "Vallalarum Brahma Jnana Sangamum" published by Bharath Book Bureau Chennai 1970.

In each kalpa the seven land mass under seven manus appear and disappear one after the other. When the third land mass Kumari Kandam appeared, Erai sent Agathiyar, one of the seven Rishis, as its protector. Agathiyar learnt the sciences from Lord Murugan at Pothigai. He mastered the five aspects of Erai that is creation, sustenance, destruction, veiling and blessing and also achieved all eight siddhis. Hence he stood as a Vignana Kalar.

Pon Govindasamy writes that Agathiyar in this current era was Brahma's representative at the Antaranga Arul Aratsatchi based at Chidambaram. He is tasked to look into the affairs pertaining to the portion of the Vedhas known as Karma Kanda. Besides that he is responsible for culture, kriya, and agamas. He oversees Sanatana Dharma. Through his thoughts he drives the scientist and researchers to excel in their fields respectively.

Agathiyar goes through each individual's account of merits and demerits (karma). To aid him in this task he has Karma Devas known as Chitraguptas.

Agathiyar who is author of several publications, set up many Ashrams from Pothigai till the Himalayas. In his Agathiyar Karpa Theechai, it is written that Shiva and Parvathi named him Thakshanamurthy. He took on the form of Thiruvalluvar and later that of Ramalinga Adigal too.

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  1. "If only we could appreciate what he is doing for us and show some gratefulness!"
    So rightly said .Your posts always have some learning for me.


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