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The year was 2002. I was the new kid on the block. I was asked to come to the path of the Siddhas. Nadi Nool Aasan Sentilkumar led me with my very first recitation of the names of the Siddhas or Siddhar Potri. The late Sivabalan gave me my very first picture of Agathiyar to worship. 

Even before I came to the Siddha path, there were numerous organizations and establishments affiliated to several religious institutions in India, already in existence in Malaysia. As a freshie, I looked towards these seniors for some guidelines on how to worship the Siddhas. But I got nowhere. Then I decided to work on my own. A year later, I met my very first guru Supramania Swami of Thiruvannamalai on the last leg of my maiden pilgrimage to India. Three years later I met Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal of Kallar Ashram who was in Malaysia. When I enquired about how to worship the Siddhas, he told me that it was sufficient to just chant the names of the Siddhas.

Over the years I came across many versions of these Siddhar Potri Thoguppu, compiled by different organizations. I began to gather these extensive lists of names and several others that I came across in books regarding the Siddhas. This I used in my prayers. Soon I made it available on the net too.
I was asked to pray by Dr Krishnan, astrologer, Siddha medicine practitioner, spiritual guide and friend in 1996. I was asked to come to his fold by Agathiyar in 2002. Sentilkumar led my on the chant of the names of the Siddhas. I was asked to light a lamp and pray by Supramania Swami in 2003. Tavayogi asked me to start lighting the sacrificial fire or flame or homam in 2005. What mantra should we chant to accompany the ritual, I asked? Chanting of the names of the Siddhas will do, he said. When I travelled to the Siddha temples, caves and samadhis with Tavayogi many miracles took place as we chanted these names. Tavayogi would always tell me that the Siddhas came, after each recitation was over. Finally Agathiyar asked me to install his moorthy or statue and pray to him in 2009 which we did on 3 January 2010. Since then lighting a lamp and chanting of the names of the Siddhas followed by showering flower petals to the feet of the Lord was always a major part of the ritual during our puja at AVM. 

What is there with these names then?

In a song by a Siddha, he expounds the greatness of calling out the name of Agathiyar. The Siddha says all his fellow man (the Siddhas) shall turn to look and enquire who was the soul that had just called out Agathiyar's name. The moola mantra of a deity or Siddha, given by a guru to a student during teecha or initiation, when recited by the student informs them of the students readiness to connect with them. The mantra or name becomes the link between the inhabitants of this two worlds or planes. Through lighting the lamp, the light becomes the portal for this travel to take place.

Lately when I travelled to India with my AVM family, many miracles took place as we recited the names of the Siddhas at every temple we visited. Besides these miracles we sensed their presence too. We have seen for ourselves and could now vouch the efficacy of chanting their names. With their coming, there is bliss!

Agathiyar had extolled the benefits of prayers and puja in a Nadi reading very much earlier on 12.7.2010 (See page 21 of the above compilation)

But the one miracle that stood out and made the world take notice is Agathiyar opening his eyes , a miracle that was caught on camera by my daughter. We were blessed to have Jnana Jyothiamma of India with us. Agathiyar later confirms the miracle in a Nadi reading.

A couple of days ago Thiru Kalaichelvan, a long time devotee of Agathiyar, calls me to say that he had had a Nadi reading and Agathiyar had asked that he print and distribute the photo of him opening his eyes to his devotees. Kalai had told this to Sri Krishna and Krishna immediately showed him this photo. Kalai called to seek permission and inform me of his intent in using the photo. I told him that I shall pass him a copy of the original rather than he download a compressed version from the net and I asked him for some time. Meanwhile I mentioned this to Bala Chandran of AVM. The next day Bala forwards to me a wonderful composition of AVM Agathiyar, and Lord Muruga's vel!

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