Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Surendaran Selvaratnam asked me yesterday if by coming to the Siddha path one will have to go through many tests, trials and tribulations? 

Everyman has to go through all these sufferings at one stage in his life or another that usually corresponds with the transit of the planets. If someone on the Siddha path feels that he is suffering the most, it only means that his sufferings are been hastened and he is made to endure them within a very brief and short period. Rather than prolong his suffering over a long period but with less intensity, here the suffering is intense within a short span of time. 

Coming to the path of the Siddhas does not mean that all your sufferings will end. The obstacles will be there - but the Siddhas teach us how to overcome them. The pain is there - but they stand by us looking over our shoulders, often cushioning it. The dangers are there - but they shall save us from a worse fate. Problems are there - but they give us ideas to solve and come out of them. Troubles are there - but they give us the strength to face them.

My wife went through excruciating pain for 43 hours recently. On Sunday 8 January 2017, she woke up at 4am with acute stomach pain, asking me to take her to the nearest clinic for a jab. There is a 24 hour clinic just a kilometer away. But what do you know - surprisingly the clinic is closed! She then asked to be taken to another 24 hour clinic in the neighboring housing area. But good sense prevailed that day and I did not want to take a chance with this clinic either fearing that I would end up going in circles looking and hoping for a private clinic that was open at that early hour on a Sunday. Instead I decided to head for the emergency unit at the nearest hospital some 6.4 kilometers away.

She had to wait to be attended at the emergency unit but soon the doctors saw to her needs and administered a painkiller that she asked for. On first diagnosis the doctors suspected that she could have appendicitis that added on to her period pains. 

She was warded and further scans and X-ray were done that afternoon and the following day. After 43 hours she was taken to the operating theater where upon further deliberation on table, her appendix was removed. 

She returned home last Saturday, after a weeks stay and observation at the hospital. 

A couple of doctor friends in the AVM family shared many facts about what she went through that made us realise how fortunate we were. 

Balachander Aiya too shared our view that miraculously this incident happened after I had returned from India and not earlier. We dread to think what she would have done in my absence. 

Miraculously the 24 hour clinic was closed that morning which forced us to seek treatment at the government hospital.

By some good sense that prevailed that day, we had miraculously sought the hospital rather than sought treatment at other stand alone clinics, avoiding wasting precious time looking for one that was open.

We had miraculously brought her to the hospital in the nick of time and she was placed under their care assuring us of her safety.

What easily could take some four days wait to get into the operating theatre, miraculously took only 43 hours.

While on table, miraculously the medical team decided to minimise intrusion and she came home intact, except minus an appendix.

Finally it is a blessing that I am retired now and am able to look after her 24/7.

It is pretty obvious that Agathiyar stood by us and looked after her safety throughout the whole ordeal in a short span of time, a week, although it was both painful physically and emotionally for all of us. He had the best doctors and staff to attend to her throughout her stay.  

AVM family came together again to provide unconditional support and assistance to my family and me. We are blessed indeed. Thank you all!

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