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Srīnāthā Rāghavan's post on fb is enlightening to read. He hits the nail on its head. Siddha Heartbeat is proud to share more gems of his.
I am a peace loving man,
I don't enter into lofty debates,
Hell bent on discussing the Truth,
Let it be it yours, mine or anyone elses,
It doesn't matter to me anymore,
What you believe or don't.
I prefer not to break anyone's bubble,
For I have realised after committing many mistakes,
That all one may have is their own version of Truth,
And to break it prematurely into pieces,
Can cause more harm than good,
As their only rope of hope will be cut asunder,
Plunging them into a valley of grief,
Which will be the end of it.  
Sri Ramakrishna once took Swami Vivekananda to task,
To have "infested" the mind of another Disciple with Vedanta,
Whereas his natural inclination was towards Devotion,
Which would have been the best and the shortest route,
For Him to have attained the Highest.

That's why I often say, "Don't break someone's bubble, without knowing how much pain they have endured to make it; so it can give them a (albeit false) sense of security from the outside world?"

Don't forcibly bring someone into light, when they have lived in darkness most of their life.
So what if it doesn't suit you,
Just keep quiet or walk away from the scene,
Instead of trying to play the Messiah of Truth.

Opinion is not necessarily the Truth and Truth is not an Opinion.

So here's a piece of advice, "Just because you have a sharp sword (Tongue/Mind/Intellect), you don't use it against everyone, just to test it's sharpness."

Peace out.
Another gem.
The presence of a real Guru,
Will make you egoless and humble,
But if it simply puffs your pride,
Then you along with your Guru,
Is of no use to each other.

The Firefly thinks itself,
To be the source of Light in the darkness,
Till the Sun appears in the Sky above,
Putting to rest the Truth,
By silently making it clear,
Who is who.

The same with Disciple and Guru,
In the presence of the Guru,
One gets eclipsed by the other's light,
If not then the Ego of the Disciple,
Shall get puffed forever.

A true Guru will bring out the worst in you,
Before transforming all the muck into luck,
He/She will ridicule and humiliate you,
Till you are convinced finally that you're nothing,
But a mere Firefly, wanting to be the Sun.

Ah! Is not the job of an Alchemist,
To transform base metal into Gold?
So it is with the real Guru,
Who is the Alchemist of the Spirit.
Sri who is based in Mumbai, introduces himself as Story Teller, Healer, Therapist at Soulfully Yours
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I am a seeker who explores the mysteries of life and beyond. I am a recluse who enjoys freedom, responsibly. Words are my dearest friends. Through words, I try to express my silence; and in silence I find my ultimate expression. I am not set to change anyone, but myself. It is my singular journey inward and you are welcome to take a sneak peek. In Peace!

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