Friday, 25 May 2018


The young soul in Neale Donald Walsch's childrens parable "The Little Soul and the Sun", adapted from his book one of three,"Conversations with God", wanted to experience the act of forgiveness and decided to come down to earth for that experience. The stage was hence set for the drama to take place where another soul he knew volunteered to come along and betray him so that the young soul could forgive him and see his wish of pardoning another fulfilled.

Annie Besant and Bhagavan Das in their "Sanatana Dharma" wrote "The Upadhis are only brought into existence to serve the purpose of the Jivatman moved by desire to taste these worlds. The wish to experience is said to lead the Atman to form organs for receiving and transmitting to himself the experience. His wish lies at the root of each and matter obeys his impulse and obediently moulds itself into a form suitable for the exercise of the life function. The jivatman is a conscious being and that consciousness seeking external experience fashions sense and sense organs for contact with the outer worlds." 

How wonderful. We create the situation and the scenario allowing all our desires to take shape. What we are going through is what we had asked for. We had asked for these experience and hence are enacting the role and taking on the experiences.

Dr Janardena Thangamoney wanting to sacrifice his life in serving the sick, has led several Medical Camps for AVM and PTC, joined a team of medical doctors some time back to bring cheer and good health to the natives of interior Sabah. Siddha Heartbeat carried his services at  

On returning back to Peninsular Malaysia, Dr Jana messaged me, "I came back from Sabah yesterday.. it was a very soul fulfilling trip for me." He wrote about their living condition, "Villagers depend on water tanks from rain water. They don't have proper sanitary system." His teammates among others was Dr Ganesh and Dr Ng. They did manage to do an additional test, Ultrasound Heart Scan besides conducting the regular checkup and test. He continued, "For a simple ultrasound scan, the villagers have to travel 6 hours by road...Upon Muruga and Agastiyar's grace, managed to bring the scan machine to the villagers. Providing them this service, It was blissful!"

The dear doctors who teamed up to serve the Sabahans were mentioned in the English daily New Straits Times, the Chinese daily Sin Chew Daily and the Malay daily Berita Harian yesterday. Thumbs up to the doctor and his team.

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