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Annie Besant in "Avataras", The Theosophical Publishing House, 2002, describes the meaning of an Avatar as follows: tr meaning passing over; ava meaning descent. 

What brings forth an Avatar? The un-manifest takes the manifested form when righteousness is at its lowest ebb and evil reigns in the world. The needs of the world or cosmic necessities and the needs of its inhabitants propels the divine to descend.

If the Avatars come for a common purpose usually for the upliftment of souls collectively or to release these souls from the shackles of tyranny and cruelty, heavenly beings or angels accompany individual souls in their journey, caring, educating and bringing greater awareness to them. Heavenly beings or angels accompany these souls to help awaken them, rejoicing on seeing progress in the soul, encouraging, motivating, and reminding them that they were not alone. These spiritual beings are prepared to do their part too in gods plan. They help reconnect us to our spiritual self whose memories we have lost. They are akin to the Siddhas. Just as Agathiyar said he had orchestrated all my experiences, Betty says our guardian angels do the same. They come along with us creating opportunities for us to learn and progress spiritually.

There is a reason why we are here now this instant. We are here now for our individual spiritual development and also collectively contribute to the well being and awakening of others. Gods will shape our purpose says Betty. It is not entirely necessary for us to know our purpose in its entirety. Just working on the task given to us from moment to moment is sufficient in justifying and fulfilling gods wish. Even the best laid plan of ours is considered meager with gods plan. 

Betty says that she could connect with the divine and naturally be in touch with her spirit through prayer and moments of stillness. Gratitude helps appreciate the abundance that god has given and brings about love. Soon we move on from self centered-ness to envelop all. As God gives us only that much that we can handle, so as the spirit becomes stronger he gives us greater challenges. The spirit becomes stronger as a result of these challenges gaining Atma Balam. The people we need are sent to us at the right time for the right purpose. Like minded fellowship comes about, again strengthening the spirit. The power of prayers is felt by all in the congregation or assembly.

Complimenting the Avatars and the guardian angels, the Avesa are perfected men through whom god permeates and manifests bringing greater good to society and the world. The difference between them is that while ego is nil in the former two, a portion of the ego remains in an Avesa. 

Once upon a time I was watching, watching the world go by. As I sat on the road kerb and watched the vehicles go by, I chose to hop onto a vehicle and began to see the sights and experience the ride. Then I dropped off at the next point, and chose to watch again before getting on another vehicle and another, gaining many experiences from these many rides. This is the cycle of birth I understood. And I was getting pretty bored too. 

Today I am back on the streets, watching again as life went by. I boarded a vehicle again but chose to modify it to cater to others too, through right thoughts and with the direction given by the Siddhas. I took the reins this time, stopping to pick up several others and dropping them off at their destinations too. This gave me much joy and satisfaction for I had contributed something while I was behind the wheel. This was a purposeful birth I told myself. I was a bystander till Agathiyar pushed me to the forefront to do his job. We have a choice either to be a passive participant, just looking out for ourselves and leading a mundane self contained life or an active one, helping others in any way and form. Agathiyar brought many realizations to the fore, pushing aside the veil of ignorance. Similarly for the collective good, the divine comes to the aid of the people, pulling back the curtain and drapes, letting in the light of hope, allowing its people to breath freely, freeing them from the shackles of tyranny and misery. 

Betty J Eadie who came back from near death experience reveals the secrets of heaven in her book "The Awakening Heart - My Continuing Journey to Love", a Pocket Star Book, 1996. She says just as we have choices here, we are also given choices in our fathers abode. While some souls respond to gods call, volunteering and choose to listen and accept his will before coming to earth, others receive a calling after they arrive, when their hearts open to god, through intense sufferings or through miracles, and eventually they become vessels of god themselves.

Anita Moorjani too was given an option either to stay or return into her physical body that was ridden with cancer. When she understood the magnificence of her true self, and that her body would heal rapidly if she opted to come back, she survived to tell the tale as did Betty.

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