Tuesday, 8 May 2018


"Everything is just a process" wrote Balamurugan. How true his observation is. Today I have come to understand that too. There is no actual blueprint out there. Only possibilities. Several possibilities. Options and choices are thrown in. We decide on what is best. But there are times we realize that we have erred. We then think we should have acted otherwise.

When I was asked to see Tavayogi the same night and receive initiation - again, both Tavayogi and I were puzzled as he had already initiated me and my wife together with several others some weeks earlier. I could have stayed away but when I decided to follow Agathiyar's dictate the earlier Nadi reading was erased and replaced. The contents changed and I was given new directions. 

When Agathiyar mentioned that my present home will not do, for the reason it was small, and would not accommodate the people he was about to send, I just looked straight into his eyes. I was not going to answer to both Lord Muruga and him in the affirmative on their request to build a temple. After a moment he broke the silence and asked me if I would not do it. That stunned me. Both of us remained silent. Then he continued, "Fine in that case I shall get it done." What else could I say but to bring my hands together and thank him. I stood stupefied. Here was a conversation with Erai in real time through the channel of a medium.

Earlier when Lord Muruga mentioned that he would send more people over to my home, I thought to myself, "Oh God, my home would not accommodate them. As it is, the poor devotees of his are watching the proceedings through an open window for lack of space in the living room." Immediately he asked if I was thinking would I have space in my home to accommodate them. Then he gave a solution to that too. He proposed that I build a temple for him. And my thoughts reeled and hit the ceiling, "Oh God, not another temple. Aren't there enough temples as it is for you Muruga?" He replies that, yes, he was aware there are many temples for him in Malaysia, but he still wanted me to build one. Would you believe that! He was practically reading my mind. I sat stupefied. Here was a conversation with Erai in real time through the medium of the Nadi.

When I went for my very first Nadi reading, Agathiyar asked for a temple. I felt proud thinking I was the chosen one. But Sivabalan who sat through the reading assisting in translating the contents of the Nadi reading told me not to be over-joyous for the request had come in some fifty Nadi readings of others.

Erai puts a bait in front of us and watches if we catch it. If we went for it, the possibilities changed accordingly. If we chose not to do it, the repercussions were different. So life indeed is dynamic, determined from moment to moment according to our state of mind, decisions and actions. 

I am stunned at the series of fortunate events that are taking place. Is all this a dream or is it actually happening, I have asked myself many a time.

Right from the beginning I had rejected many proposals from Agathiyar to go places and to get the blessings of other Gurus in physical form. I told him I was not going as I already had him. I had also rejected lucrative offers from him. I told him I did not want them. I only wanted him. He listened both times.

I realize now when we choose to walk a path, the path unfolds before us, piece by piece; laid out, moment to moment. Everything is dynamic and in a state of motion. Nothing is still. There is movement 24/7. That is the dance of Shiva. Once the dance stops, everything settles to dust. We are here is to transform overselves before we turn to dust. 

There could be many reasons to have taken birth. We are told that the reason we take birth is to harvest the fruits of our past deeds. But it is rather unfair to put us through the treadmill for our past actions that we do not have any recollection whatsoever now in the present. This birth could also be a reward where one is showered with comfort and pleasure. In that case we would not complain at all. Or we could have come again for a bigger purpose. His purpose. Whatever the reason we are here now. We could actually mould our lives from this very moment. You could not have done that as an infant, a toddler, or as a teen as you would have been very much dependent on an elder. But it is possible to do so as an adult. 

You can define your life, the way you want it to happen. You are your own creative artist. You can draw each panel of the storyboard of your life as how you perceived and wanted. We have been given the freedom to be an artist to paint ourselves and also the environment we wanted. You can bring all things beautiful into your life. You can bring happiness into your lives. You have been given the liberty to erase those things that despise you too. Shut out the negative forces and its emissaries. Take a moment to envision what you want and draw it out mentally. 

It might not be easy for many of us. This battle has been going on for ages, since time immemorial. History would attest to it. Myths and legends abound about the many battles fought between the good and evil, god and the demon.

But it is possible. You might not be able to battle the demon alone. You might need assistance. You might need to bring in the cavalry. This is where we seek divine help to battle the odds. Let him send the reinforcements to battle the evil. 

Do what you need to do. In event you need assistance turn to him. I believe this is what has been going on for ages too where devotees make offerings or promise certain things in return for favors and fulfillment of their desires and wants, material needs and comfort, for good health and wealth etc. 

Today I realize that we could actually work together with Erai to change our fate in its entirety. Open the door to Erai. Let the Lord in. Take his hand. With the coming of Erai, changes take place. Doors open up. Hearts open up. Bliss prevails. 

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