Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Alternating between home worship and temple worship, and with a hibernation period and abstinence from all forms of worship thrown in between for a period of 14 years, a sudden surprise visit from Agathiyar's messenger who carried Lord Vishnu's mantra, delivered Lord Dhakshanamurthy's picture, and passed on a promise that I would meet my Guru in a years time, brings a series of fortunate events to take place immediately.

Coming to read the Nadi a year later, I was told I shall meet my Guru. With the coming of the Guru in the physical form, two wonderful Gurus, Supramania Swami in 2003 and Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal in 2005, the path I was to take was shown distinctively.

Supramania Swami showered his love and blessings, frequently reminding me of my obligation towards Erai. That is He, Supramania Swami, the Guru, one who dispels the darkness.

When Tavayogi arrived in Malaysia in 2005, he asked us to come out of the Bhakti marga or path of devotion and step into the Gnana marga or path of self realization. He worked on us by bringing us to the fields to gain experience directly, expounding lessons through his rare and occasional statements while on these long walks, and little by little bringing the realization that Agathiyar, the most compassionate Kadavul, was also Shiva, and the very breath. That is He, Tavayogi, the Atma Guru, who carries the light with him.

Then Agathiyar came directly and accelerated the whole process. Agathiyar in the Nadi painted the path, lighting it up, removing the veil and obstacles, leading the way initially, then stopping for a moment to wait for us to catch up with him, then taking us by the hand, eventually carrying us on his shoulders. That is He, Agathiyar, the Gnana Guru, who demands nothing from us but gives all he has. 

He cannot see us shed a tear. He shoulders our karma. He serves as a force field. That is He, Arutperunjhoti Andavar, the most compassionate Guru. 

He delivers us from the hold of Yama. He stands up to injustice done to us. He uplifts us to his status. He listens. He heals. He lives and moves in us. He serves his devotees through us. That is He, Supramaniar, the Satguru.

The moment the Guru came into our lives, the light at the end of the path was lighted. He came in the form of the Nadi. He appeared in the subtle form whenever and wherever his name was mentioned. He made his presence known to his devotees through miracles. He made us sense his presence. He brought changes in our thoughts, the physical body and the surroundings. He began creating a conducive atmosphere and environment, bringing together all his children to contribute towards his cause. Moulding us into his devotees, he brought us to perform rituals, ceremonies, charity, and tapas. He has many more things planned for us, that he would reveal in days to come. 

After all these activities he proposes that we unwind and go into a silent retreat. That is He, Dhakshanamurthy, the Mouna Guru or Silent One.

What a journey! The end is still not in sight. We have a long way to go.

And it all began with home prayers. Let us go on a drive to bring prayers closer to our hearts and into our homes. Prayers can move mountains and hearts. With these message the frequency of my writings will reduce henceforth, but I shall post as and when there is a need. Thank you for your following and all your support. 

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