Sunday, 13 May 2018


It is said that when each of us takes birth a star is born in the sky. It stays there till our life comes to an end. It was mentioned that when Bhagavan Ramana left his mortal frame, a comet fell from the sky at precisely the same moment. Alternatively we are told that beacons of light emerging from the earth are visible from the heavens. 

Betty J Eadie writes in her book "Embraced by the Light", where she speaks about her near death experience, that as she watched the world from the heavens, she saw beacons of light shoot up into the sky. These were supposedly the prayers emitting from individuals. Some were broad and large while others were akin to pen lights and mere sparks. She saw angels rushing to answer these prayers, responding to the brighter lights or prayers first. Insincere prayers were not heard while those in dire straits and immediate need of help are responded to immediately. She was also told that there is no greater prayer than that of a mother for her children. These were the purest of prayers with no self interest in it. The mother gives herself to the children, hence her prayers are intense. The mother's prayer is always heard. When I went for a nadi reading, Agathiyar lectured me one solid hour on anger management. I knew that my mother had reached him. My mother used to ask Agathiyar since she knew I loved him a lot, that I should drop my anger. She was a smart lady. She knew who to approach.

Betty has an advise for us too. Pray for whatever you desire and let go. Let god do his will. When his will becomes ours too, we see the prayer answered. She reminds us that in praying for someone at his deathbed one should ask for gods will to be done, rather then insist on our desire, otherwise we could end up frustrating and or delaying the transition that the person was undertaking. Avoid a conflict from arising at these times. It would help to just let the soul go. She adds that god answers prayers according to our eternal needs, fully able to see the past and future. He knows best. The outcome is always perfect although we see it otherwise. 

There was no need to repeat a prayer or requests. With a single prayer said, then comes faith and lots of patience. Do not forget to thank him when he has granted your wishes. Betty says it beautifully, "In humility we must ask and in gratitude we must receive." 

Prayers brings god to us. With constant prayers we will come to know that he lives among us.

In this song penned by Gowri Arumugam and Tavayogi the question, "Who are you, please tell me", "Yarapa nee konjam sollappa" is the question we ask often these days. The reason. He has come into our lives and shows his presence in all situations and moments, baffling us and bringing us to exalted states of bliss. He moves us. He initiates things. He motivates us. He guides us. He advises us. He comforts us. He is Agathiyar.

He clears the path. He drives away our enemies. He is felt as a force field. He shields us. He stays with us. He hugs us. He blesses us. He gives us hope. He drives away the darkness. He shows us the light. He is Agathiyar.

He is father. He is mother. He is guardian. He is companion. He is guru. He is teacher. He is master. He is tutor. He is all these put together. He is Agathiyar.

He has taken charge of our lives. When he comes into our lives all else drops; all else becomes secondary. He is paving the path so that we too can experience the bliss and the state that he is in. He is Agathiyar.

Where is he then? We recognize his presence but not his form. We feel his presence in quiet moments. We feel his presence in the company of good souls. We feel his presence while out with nature. 

Tavayogi tells me to extend these moments of bliss. Spend more time with him. Spend time in his presence. Spend time alone with him. Stay close to him. Be with him. Just sit in his presence. He shall show himself. He shall show himself when we have the time for him. He shall show himself when our thoughts settle down.

Happy Mothers Day.

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