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There is life all around us. But we hardly realize it. We are so engrossed in living our daily life to the maximum. We are so concerned about our troubles that we miss to see nature bloom and shine all around us. If we could make nature work in favor of us, it can assists us to attain all our goals. Nature then becomes our savior. We need to respect her first and learn to work with her in unison. Dyalen who went ahead of his group that was returning back from the hike up to Pothigai peak, came across a fallen tree that blocked his path. As there was no way he could take a detour, he stood transfixed figuring what to do next. To his surprise the tree trunk slowly gave way to him and the rests of the entourage who had by this time joined him, by sinking further into the ground, enabling them to cross over it without any difficulty! A rare case of a miracle taking place encountered by our own boys indeed.

The Siddhas knew the secret in tapping nature and making it work for them and in their favor. They were adapts in this field. It is said that the plants and branches would bend down to Agathiyar and relate their nature and tendencies in healing the world and its people. Annie Besant in her book "The Laws of the Higher Life", the Theosophical Publishing House, 1903, says nature is conquered by obedience. 

We share this world with a myriad number of lives right from the microscopic to the most vast. All the rest does not intrude into our lives but we are very much dependent on them. Remove them and the face of the world changes. Besant mentions that the laws of nature that provides the right conditions and a relative sequence of happenings, submits to knowledge hence ends up serving us, aiding us and uplifting us. When knowledge replaces ignorance the prapanjam will come to our aid said Agathiyar. This is not bookish knowledge. This knowledge is attainable from the Siddhas. This knowledge is given to us when we qualify for their grace. Their Thiruvarul grants this Gnanam. To be eligible to receive this knowledge we need to be humble. 

In a Nadi revelation Agathiyar reveals the extent of humbleness in his student Bhogar. When once Agathiyar asked Bhogar if he knew Mother Goddess, Bhogar replied he did not know. When asked if he knew Lord Vishnu, he replied he did not know too. When Agathiyar asked if he knew Lord Muruga, again Bhogar to everyone's surprised answered "no". How could one who was behind the making and installation of Lord Muruga's statue at Palani not know him? When asked if he knew about the herbs, he replied in the negative, when he had seeked, collected and done extensive research on numerous herbs. Bhogar had replied that he did not know to all the questions put forward by Agathiyar. This surprised all those gathered. Finally when asked what he knew, Bhogar answered that he only knew the Holy Feet of his Guru, Agathiyar.

Similarly in KR Sivakanthan's book on Poondi Mahaan, "Siddhargalin Taththuvamum Yoga Neri Muraigalum", there is a prayer as follows,

ஞானம் வேண்டேன் நல்வேதம் வேண்டேன்
சூரியக்கலை வேண்டேன் சந்திரக்கலை வேண்டேன்
சுழிமுனை வேண்டேன் அட்டமா சித்தி வேண்டேன்
ஆறு ஆதாரம் வேண்டேன் அதற்கு மேலும் வேண்டேன்

நின் பாதார விந்தம் வேண்டும் நின் கருணை வேண்டும்
நின் பாதார விந்தம் மறவா மனம் வேண்டும்
பூண்டி ஈசா சரணம் சரணம் சரணம்

I do not seek knowledge, I do not seek the Vedas,
I do not seek to know the art of breath control,
I do not seek the eight Siddhis,
I do not seek to know the chakras, and more,

I seek your Holy Feet, I seek your Grace,
I seek a heart that never forgets your Holy Feet,
Poondi Esa, I take refuge in you.

This is the approach we need to take. We need to serve the Guru. We need to gain their trust. We need to prove our worth. And more then anything else we need to be patient. The wise have always been reminding us to adopt tolerance and be patient in all situations. Many a times Agathiyar has asked of us to be patient and obedient. It was to buy time so that we would gain maturity in due time from further day to day experiences and eventually would come to understand the play of god and accept everything in good faith.

When this divine knowledge dawns on us, we become one with them. 

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