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Coming back from a journey experiencing near death Betty J Eadie reveals the secrets and mysteries of life. Betty in her book "Embraced by the Light" describes leaving her body, how she was taken on a tour of another realm, and discovered the mystery and workings of life on earth. As the operation of the laws behind life on earth were explained to her, she seemed to understand these things almost instantaneously. She brings her understanding of the mystery that surrounds our birth, and its purpose that was revealed to her, into the pages of her book.

Neale Donald Walsch who wrote a children's parable adapted from his book one of "Conversations with God", titled "The Little Soul and the Sun", brings the essence and the message of life before birth, to the kids, in simple terms, which serves us equally well too. A story is narrated of a young soul who knew he was light but wanted to experience it. So he is given a choice to pick a desired act that he would like to do, from a list of many, once he is on earth. He chooses the act of forgiving. Another soul immediately steps up to join the soul in fulfilling its wish by being the perpetrator so that the young soul can then forgive him. They both come down to earth to live out their desire. 

Betty understood the earth to be a place where we schooled, adds that whatever we become of here is meaningless unless it has brought benefit to others. In serving others we grow spiritually. If Betty says that we are here to school, Neale says that we are already well equipped with sufficient knowledge and have only to apply it here, giving life a purpose and making it holy.

I found her book interesting for I too came to understand likewise through the Nadi readings. We understood from Agathiyar each of us were brought together again for a purpose. We have been told that we are here for an experience, gaining which we return to god's kingdom. Just as Neale says life needs to have a purpose, Agathiyar has slowly revealed the reasons for taking birth, giving it a purpose too.

As Neale wrote, knowing who we are was not enough; we needed to become "it". This desire triggers a chain of events, a learning process takes place and several experiences are recorded, whereby the soul becomes enriched through this experiences. We, being light in essence, for want of experiencing it, had darkness and all opposites created for us. As all the souls are perfect, many wanted and volunteered to come down to help us gain the experience. Thus we had all known each other earlier. We had planned to be together here. Those who needed a particular experience chose to come early while others remained behind to join later.

Agathiyar adds that we needed to settle some of the past scores or karma too. Atonement and remedies were recommended to either pay back, refund, replace, offset, reduce or satisfy the many atrocities we had done earlier. Even after these revelations, many continue with their lives in the usual manner, without having had any impact made in their lives or without gaining a new understanding or perspective of life. For some they turned over a new leaf after understanding the consequences of their actions and begin to watch their thoughts and actions carefully refraining from hurting others. Only a few handful are diverted from living a mundane life and made to live a life with a higher purpose, often given a mission to accomplish in this lifetime.

Explaining the wrong that I had done in the past births, Agathiyar forgave me. Only after I could let go of the past, I could forgive myself. Only after we could forgive ourselves can we forgive another. Forgiveness starts with the self and extends towards others. Agathiyar consoled me saying that I needed the negative experiences too. It was a learning process. Only then could I appreciate its opposite. The experience and learning gained from the wrongful act serves as a reminder not to engage in it again. They were needed for me to grow spiritually. These undesirable happenings was his doing, orchestrated by him, he adds. Although he did not remove the conditions for these events to take place and exposed me to the resulting dangers, during these crucial moments of trial, Agathiyar stood by me, safeguarding me. 

He then began to give hope and motivation. Hope is necessary for it gives a glimmer of light; a purpose to put some effort in that direction. Effort then moves things and brings the desired changes.

The option is ours to either accept the greater power above us and let go of the world and its many entrapment or to hold on and cherish it. The need to know the creator grows in us and drives one to seek knowledge about him and understand his mysterious workings. 

There is much truth when the saints seek the divine, yearning for them to come within. Once the divine envelopes the body, every cell reverberates and utters the mystic syllable or mantra of the divine. 

Everything is done for the growth of the spirit. When people asked Yogi Ramsuratkumar why India had so many beggars the Yogi simply answered that India needed beggars. Do not despise them. They are placed there for our benefit. They provide us an avenue, allowing us opportunities to serve them. We gain these much needed experiences that builds on compassion in us. If only we could add love as an ingredient in all our dealings we have served and lived well, completing our purpose for taking birth.

Lay aside all the rational, logical thoughts and reasoning that comes in the way preventing us from extending our arms to provide aid and do charity, says Agathiyar. By the simple act of feeding the unfortunate, the act itself trains us to see the spirit that resides in the hungry and the poor. These people could be angels waiting to help us expedite the washing away of our karma. Know that he who comes to us for help or assistance, food or drink, or asking other forms of aid neither with bonds attached nor a deal, could in fact be an angel seeking to help us rid or lessen our baggage of karma. Doing charity elevates us and elevates the other too. Showing kindness brings joy to both. Feeding another brings immense joy to both too. Bring the ecstasy of god into you. Touch all those who come into your lives with love. Be the light for those who live in the dark. Be the eyes to those who have lost their sight. Be the limp for those who have lost it.

If consciousness creates our experiences, collective consciousness creates the environment and the resulting experience for us. Thoughts are powerful indeed. And collective thoughts and prayers do deliver, doing wonders. When we come together and pray for a better world, a good leader arises to fulfill our wishes. When we come together and put forth a righteous desire, consciousness moves accordingly and delivers our wish. Just as for a desired change to happen, we have allowed it, similarly if injustice takes place, we have allowed it to happen too. We have to remind ourselves that it is we who allow a demon or a saint to materialize.

Tavayogi desired to spread the teachings of the Siddhas. The Siddhas then came to his aid, providing the fertile ground, prepared the seekers and aspirants on this path ahead so that he could sow the seed of knowledge in them. The collective yearning of souls seeking the teachings of the Siddhas, bring forth a guru. 

Life is just a process do not get caught up in the process but move on. Everybody is here to bring us an experience be it bitter or sweet. Here then is an opportunity for us to bring out the noble attitudes in us, like giving, sharing, showing kindness, being creative, gentle, patient, helpful, friendly, considerate, forgiving, compassionate, and loving. Just as the young soul seeked to experience a particular value that of forgiving, many opportunities are created every moment of our lives so that we can bring out these values and experience the joy derived thereafter. During the course of cruising through life and what it has to offer, it would be desirable to see even the opponent as an angel, for it could be an angel come down to give us an experience, though bitter, and see how we would handle the situation.

As Neale wrote in his "Conversations with God", learn to heal the hurt of others; quell the anxieties of the fearful; meet the needs of the impoverished; celebrate the magnificence of the accomplished and see the vision of god in all.

Eventually when we are spiritually matured and when we learn to see all things as unreal, an illusion or maya there would be no real suffering or real pain. That was what Agathiyar told me when he brushed aside the physical agony and intense pain that ran through my body, that had crippled me, limiting my movements and affecting my mobility that I went through for 2 1/2 years back then in 2011. When we come to know the impermanence of live and nature we come to a total understanding of all that is going on around us. Nature teaches us the impermanence of things if only we chose to look around. Everything is changing each instant, each moment, and each second. The path is also the destination, evolving and changing moment to moment. It is akin to carrying a mat rolled up and laying it along as we take each step. It is not something laid out in advance for us to walk on. It is we who determine our experiences. It is we who attract the company. Since it is we who asked for it, we are given the tools and company to experience it. Prapanjam comes to our aid and reveals itself, reveals its workings. Realize that the moment is pretty alive and full of joy and discovery. 

We cannot certainly run away from illness but we sure can have the spirit in us heal us besides the medical attention given and the prayers put forward. God would not intervene in our lives unless we sent out a SOS, a prayer or asked him for assistance. This healing begins with bringing the spirit of god within through constant prayers and through service. In a classic case among many, Agathiyar saved a devotee from death by giving him his breath, bringing him out of his coma and does a wonder miracle where new arteries developed avoiding the need for further surgery. All he asked was that devotees gather and pray for the soul, which they did. Prayers and service then serve as a balm to the spirit and body. Agathiyar too mentions that the spirit has to be strengthened; we need to achieve Atma Balam. 

The spirit having gods essence in it and being the medium that communicates with god, takes charge of the mind and body. Having god come unto us, he then fulfills all our righteous desires too. The divine then works through us. He equips and prepares us to do his job. His knowledge pours into us so as to enable us to carry out his will. As an extension of this, we begin to see the light in god; we begin to see the light in us and we begin to see the light in others too. We begin to realize that all paths are precious and important. They are there and serve those who come along. As Betty says, very special people were placed all over the earth in all faiths so that they may touch the lives of others too, we need to join this category. 

There is an intelligence behind everything. This intelligence submits itself to god. Having taken a material body that is constantly in conflict with the spirit, the purpose now is to find a harmony between the two. A strong spirit keeps both the body and mind under its surveillance and control. The spirit in turn is governed by love. If only we could add love as an ingredient in all our dealings we have served and lived well, completing our purpose for taking birth.

Nobody can fathom or understand the play of god. But there is a reason for everything to take place. Acceptance is the key to surfing and sailing through this life. See everything that takes place positively. Each experience bitter or otherwise helps us grow spiritually. The soul that separated itself from its source, in need and in search of experiences, came down to earth. This is something we wanted in the past. While we came to learn new things, we also came to apply what we had learnt earlier. Rather then cry out that we cannot take it any longer in the face of trial and tribulation and extreme test, convert that sorrow into something productive, something useful, that would be of help or use to another. This would be our greatest triumph.


  1. Dear Mr.Shanmugam feel also the unconditional love felt by Anitha Moorjani during her NDE and got cured of her last stage cancer in a few weeks in her book DYING TO BE ME


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