Sunday, 23 February 2014


My daughter has fully recovered from the dengue fever. I had posted about it at I had mentioned that the ever compassionate father Agathiyar had taken care of his child well.

"And finally to top it all up, we did lots of prayers, individually and jointly too, for her fast recovery. Prayers of Tavayogi, Mataji, Gnana Jyothi Amma and our parents was heard by God. With good care from the nurses and doctors and these prayers she is back on her feet and has attended school today."

Today Surendaran Selvaratnam turned up at my home with the transcribe of the Jeeva Nadi reading he had had in Kallar recently. Suren who was attached in Bangkok for a short stint decided to seek the Nadi at Kallar. Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar gave him an appointment to have his Jeeva Nadi read on 15.2.2014. 

Suren flew to Chennai on 14.2.2014 and subsequently took a train to Coimbatore, and boarded a bus to Methupalaiyam and another to Kallar. He arrived just in time to receive the prasad after the Full Moon prayers were over. The next day day he was scheduled to read the Nadi first. Tavayogi read the Jeeva Nadi while Mataji noted it. He was very pleased with the reading. 

As I read his transcribe I was speechless for a few moments trying to digests what was said in it. Agathiyar most graciously spoke about my daughter and her recovery in Suren's Jeeva Nadi reading! It came as a surprise to us.

Agathiyar says he had come with Tirumular to the hospital and treated her! He went to the extent to explain what they did to make my daughter recover! They made her platelet rise! 

Indeed our prayers were answered!

The transcribe goes as follows:

என் மகன் குருநாதன் நாமம் கொண்டோன் மழலைக்கு உடல் வாட்டம் காண என்னை வேண்டினான். நானும் மூலனும் சென்றுமே அணுக்கூறுகளை ஏற்றம் காண வைத்தோம் சத்திரத்தில்.

I had read about Agathiyar coming to the aid of his devotees in Velayutham Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL and Amarar Hanumathdasan's NAADI SOLLUM KATHAIGAL. I read these revelations and was amazed how Agathiyar saved the lives of his devotees. 

The story that still lingers in my mind is how Agathiyar and Lopamudra went to deliver a child of a villager, thus changing the fate of the mother and child destined not to survive the delivery. Another story was how Bhogar treated a child who was going blind and another women who had stomach ailments at Kollimalai. On the local front a devotee in Malaysia was spared his life when his kin and friends did a joint prayer or kuthuprathanai seeking Agathiyar's grace. I had posted translations of these miracles at  

Agathiyar had come to the aid of my elder daughter when she broke her leg. Now Agathiyar performs yet another miracle! I am forever indebted to my Father!

Agathiyar worshipped in Suren's home
Agathiyar worshipped in Suren's Hotel room in Bangkok

At Kallar


  1. Prayer is the cry of the Soul.

    Forever Indebted to OUR FATHER....He Heard US....

  2. Amazing Shanmugam Sir. "Thank you Father." (Last post in Siththanarul blogspot they posted Agathiya peruman's eye opened picture of yours)


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