Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Our prayers were heard. I go back in time recalling all the moments when Agathiyar came to our assistance.

Just as Agathiyar worked on my second daughter through the doctors, nurses and all the medicines, both allopathy and alternative medicine, administered to her, Agathiyar healed my elder daughter's broken bone too, through the doctors.

My daughter was knocked down by a car while riding pillion. The doctor who attended to her at the emergency ward told us he would apply a fiberglass cast and send her home to let nature take its course. He told us since she was young she should walk in three months time. But these three months were critical to her because she had just started her internship, which was compulsory, if she was to complete her diploma. On our insistence that she should not miss her internship, the doctor gave us another option. They could place surgical nails with which she could walk within a month and attend classes. We gave permission to proceed. My daughter’s leg was cast in half-cast and she was warded while awaiting to be operated one.

At the wards, a senior doctor on his rounds questioned our request for the said operation. He strongly advised us against the operation. He believed she should be back on her feet in three months time to complete her internship. “If her bones do not mend then we can consider the operation”, he assured us. We submitted to him. My daughter's leg was cast in full and she was told to rest at home.

My daughter could not accept her fate and questioned why it was all happening. Questions upon questions arose. Why did Agathiyar let this happen? Why did he not stop the accident from happening in the first place? Why did she need to go through this misery, suffering and sorrow? I had no answers.

People we knew and concerned strangers told us to seek alternative approaches and pointed us to practitioners of alternative medicine. Even though I felt reluctant to seek another alternative, as I had faith on Agathiyar, but as a father I had to seek out all available means to cure my daughter and have her back on her feet within the shortest possible time.

I dropped in on Dr Krishnan to read my daughter's astrological chart. He confirmed that it was the work of Saturn as she was undergoing the dreaded 7 1/2 year of Saturn's influence.

While considering whether to seek these treatments, I decided I should seek Agathiyar’s advice first since he had advised me all this while through the Nadi, forty-seven times to date. There was a message from Agathiyar in my daughter’s Nadi reading. Agathiyar tells her that the planetary positions had been crucial in causing havoc in her life at this moment causing physical and mental torture but she need not fear for all would be well. Agathiyar assured her that he was there for her, taking care of her. He advised her to continue with the treatment in the hospital. Surprisingly this time around Agathiyar warned us not to seek alternative means but to listen and follow what the allopathy doctors advise. She would have to undergo a small procedure though, he added. 

She was also asked to appease Saturn, which I did diligently on her behalf; and to consume sesame seeds. Why sesame seed we pondered? When I did a search on Google, I came to know that sesame seed has a very high content of calcium. Doctors advised her to take calcium supplements to assist her bone to heal. Here Agathiyar advises my daughter to consume sesame seeds, which has high calcium content too. My daughter did as advised.

Unfortunately, after three months her bone did not mend as expected (non-union). The doctor told her he had to place a metal plate in her leg and briefed us on the procedure. Having said that, to our surprise, the doctor offered her yet another alternative too. She could go for an Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) Injection, which according to him had proven successful among sportsman who had sports injuries. His words were a relief to us and we opted for the treatment since it did not require her to be operated on. She had to receive three injections in a span of two weeks. Miraculously the treatment gave positive results and she had new bone growth at the site of injury. After nine months of recuperating she recovered fully and was back on her feet and continued her internship.

Earlier when she had a fungus growth on her toes, she seek medical treatment with our family doctor, Dr Jaswant Singh. Dr Jaswant asked to apply a cream and take an antibiotic. He reminded us that if what he gave was not effective in stopping the fungal growth, we should seek a skin specialist. As there was no significant improvement, Dr Jaswant asked to see a skin specialist. Meanwhile I seek the advise of Siddha practitioner, Dr Krishnan. He started her on a course of Siddha medicine that gave some relief but new fungal growth appeared in neighboring toes. 

While waiting for the weekend to pass to see the specialist, I remembered that there was a chapter of the Nadi where the Siddhas could reveal about medical problems, illnesses and diseases, its treatment and cures. My daughter went to see the Nadi. In the Nadi reading Agathiyar talks about her medical problems and advises her to opt for traditional medicine instead of modern drugs. He tells her modern drugs and treatment would not bring any relieve. Agathiyar mentions two traditional preparations Jeeva Sakthi Legium and Vallarai Legium that was available commercially and ask that she adopt certain measures. After taking these medicines and following Agathiyar's advise the fungus that ate into her toe healed and closed up. My daughter was completely cured.

I was suffering from back pain for more than two years. I thought the pain was a result of me having exerted myself and seek alternative Chinese medicine that did bring some relief but the pain appeared off and on. When I consulted Dr Krishnan he saw into my astrological charts and pointed out that I was undergoing these bodily pains because of Saturn's influence. He confirmed that it could not be the kidneys as my legs where not swollen. There was no possibility of stones in the bladder or urinary track but he did give me some medicine to clear the urinary track. He asked that I have an x-ray taken of my backbone to ensure it was not a slipped disk.

I saw the allopathy doctor who treated it as a back ache and recommended that I undergo physiotherapy. I diligently attended these sessions. It did bring some relief but the pain was there on and off. Initially I could not stand for long. I needed to sit. Then I could not walk for long distances. It used to ache around my hips and back. The idea in taking a nap or sleep is to wake up afresh. But here I always woke up with pain. The conditioned worsened to the extend I was awaken from my sleep by this very pain!

An x-ray was taken and I was referred to the orthopedic specialist. I was told all was well in my backbone.

Then as a last resort I seek Agathiyar. In the Nadi reading, Agathiyar tells me that there is no problem physically with me. Agathiyar explains that all the yogic practices that I had put into practice had built much energy in me and as a result I was under going these bodily pains. He asked me to stop immediately all these practices. Agathiyar recommended I take Nellikai based herbal preparation in any form and Tripala.  I was cured off my back pain!

When my wife was referred to the Gynecologists after having seen the MD for six months, she was put onto the operating table. I seek out  Agathiyar again.  Agathiyar assured that all would be well and that she needed to go through this phase and that alternative medicine would be of no avail. Yesterday the results of the investigation on her were made known and as Agathiyar promised all was well!

With all these efforts and treatments there was always the element of prayer. We prayed a lot. Our prayers were answered.

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