Friday, 28 February 2014


When Surendaran Selvaratnam read the Jeeva Nadi in possession of Tavayogi on his recent visit to Kallar on 15.2.2014, Agathiyar directed him to visit Jeganatha Swamigal's Samadhi and Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi. I had always wondered why Agathiyar had not mentioned these two Gurus in the Nadi. I understand from Bala Chandran that an Indian citizen working in Singapore too was asked to worship Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi earlier by Agathiyar in his Nadi.

There is yet another samadhi, that of Sannasi Aandavar in Malacca. Nothing much is known about this Guru too.

Suren passed me the photographs of Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi at Batu Caves when he came over to participate in the Shivarathri Puja at Agathiyar Vanam last night.

Lord Murugan standing majestically at the entrance to Batu Caves in Malaysia. Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi is on his left.
The grounds at Batu Caves
Mauna Guru Swamigal's Samadhi

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