Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Even Tavayogi was not spared. Immediately after hosting the Agathiyar Jayanthi and Guru Puja at Kallar a few years back, Tavayogi was knocked down while riding the bike. It took him many months to recover and regain his strength back.

I used to watch in amazement seeing him run up the flight of steps to the first floor of the Peedham where he stayed and preached while in Malaysia. I had to run alongside him just to keep pace with him when he took me to the caves in Kangayam and Uthiyur, the caves in Courtallam and also Kalyana Theertam. So you can imagine my sadness when I was told he was bedridden after the accident. But Agathiyar came to his aid and he recovered fully.

When I asked why the mishap needed to happen, he humbly told me that he still had karma that needed to be cleanse.

He took it all in his stride. He had told me that a mendicant or turavi would not be spared and that he would be tested maximum. He has to go through all kinds of abuse; physical, verbal, injury, danger. He told me it was only prayers that could help sustain one through these trying moments in life. While praying he says we should not pray that the Lord remove the obstacle but instead ask the Lord that he gives us the strength to face the turmoil and show us a way out or solution to the problem.

He did not preach for hours but instead took the opportunity to mention a thing or two while traveling, walking, eating and during other mundane moments.

If I were to condense or compress his teachings in three words it would be Karma, Prayer and Agathiyar.

Let me expand that a bit in three sentences: All that happens is a result of Karma or past deeds (Nadapavai Anaithum Vinai Payan); Prayers help overcome these karma (Potrinaal Unathu Vinai Agalum); Who should we pray to? Agathiyar (Arul Gnana Jyothiye Agathin Jyothi, Taniperum Kadavule Agatheesar Avar).

To all those who come to him with their problems, he listens it out, tells them that all of what they are undergoing was due to their past deeds or karma, gives them a solution, not for their problems but shows them a way, asking that they place their problems at the feet of Agathiyar.

Prayers to Agathiyar are answered. For those who are following Velayutham Karthikeyan's blog SITHTHAN ARUL will understand the workings of Karma and how Agathiyar and the Siddhas go about changing ones fate. 

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