Monday, 10 February 2014


When I was in India recently in October of 2013, I visited the famed Thiruvanaikaval Temple upon arriving in Trichy and spending the night at Hotel Temple In. The family, Jnana Jyothi Amma, Dr Ram Supramaniam and Deva moved on to the temple after breakfast at the Hotel. This was my second visit to the Thiruvanaikaval Temple after my last one in 2003. Both moments at this temple will be cherished by me life long.

Cows, bullock carts, honking of the traffic greet us the next morning

A good, delicious way to start the day - compliments of Hotel Temple In

The family with Deva

The family getting Ganesha's blessings before beginning the journey to meet the Guru

Dr Ram Supramaniam of Tirunelveli who accompanied us

At Thiruvanaikaval
I came across the following video where artifacts depicting the very well known story of the elephant and the spider at this temple is shown and the infamous legend narrated by the Vice Curator of the Quanzhou Maritime Museum in China.

Later when Bala Chandran and Surendaran Selvaratnam of Malaysia travelled to Kallar to participate in the Annual Guru Puja and Jayanthi celebrations for Agathiyar, they visited Thiruvanaikaval Temple too.


  1. Indeed to be Cherished.!

    Was it here that we were Beckoned by Lord Dakshinamurthy near HIS shrine or Shivamalai.?..And the REST you know..How can YOU ever forget the Priest..!

    Before I forget ,I want to ask Vimala about the Sumptuous.."Vadai ".

  2. My day started at 4 AM at Thiruvanamalai and ended at 1 PM at Trichi....with Shan's Family.

    Annadhanam at Thiruvanamalai...where Lord Shiv Resides as Annamalai.....with HIS EFFULGENCE AS "AGNI"..
    With the blessings of many Saints and Sadhus and the Miracle at Arut Prakasa Vallalar Aalayam....The Nav Shakthi Nav Linga Temple..

    And the next day visiting Temples and Offering Our Salutations to the Lord....Till ,at the Fall of Dusk, we Reached our Ashram at Kallar..
    For Shan, it was a "Home coming." He was coming Home to meet his Guru..Tavayogi Thangarasn Adigal....A very Emotional Meeting in the Abode of Agathiyan...Sri Agathiayar Sri Tava Murugan Gnana Peedam ..

    Divine Experiences Etched Deep Within...



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