Thursday, 27 February 2014


Just like everyone else who had been to a Nadi reader, I too gave a print of my right thumb to Sentilkumar. Sentil came back after a few minutes with a few bundles of Nadi leaves all tied up neatly. He placed a single bundle closed to his eyes, mentally conducted a prayer and untied the string that held the leaves in its wood case. He started reading from the first leaf. I was told to answer only yes or no, either I agreed or not agreed to the contents read from the leaf. After he read a few lines and seeing that I had not nodded to any of the statements from the Nadi, he moved on to the next leaf in the same bundle. This went on for some time until we reached the last leaf in that bundle. I had not accepted any of the revelation as referring to me.

So he moved on to untie another bundle and repeated the entire sequence of questioning. Since I had not consented to the contents in the Nadi as referring to me again, he moved on to yet another bundle. It is interesting to note that in one of the leaves, all that Sentil read from it referred to me and my family, until when he mentioned the name of the individual's wife. It was Manogari. My wife does not carry that name. Surprisingly my name, that of my parents, the number of siblings, my occupation, one of my sibling's occupation, the fact that my mother was called by two names too was mentioned in that particular leaf. But since my wife's name was not Manogari, Sentil moved on saying it was not my leaf. The question arises, so could there be another individual walking this earth with the exact description as me but married to someone else? The question has not been answered.

After a long time, and having read from three bundles, Sentil told me that he had to stop for the day, as he was not allowed to read further. He gave me an appointment for another day, two weeks from then.

On the appointed day, I turned up again and Sentil continued the search for my Nadi.  After reading from a few leaves, there was on in the very first bundle that I could accept as talking about me and my family. I accepted it. Sentil sent me away asking to come back again for the full reading of the leaf that I had picked another day.

On arrival, Sentil read from a transcribe of the chosen leaf. He read the transcribe of the Pothu Kaandam or general canto describing me and the family; moved on to Karma Kaadam or the revelation of the past birth and the past karmas and the reasons to take this birth; and finally showed me a way out of the karmas, reading the Shaanti Parikaara Kaadam. I was amazed. I sat in awe as he revealed so many things from my Nadi.

Sivabalan, a Malaysia lad, who had brought in Sentilkumar from Avinashi to read the Nadi at his home, suggested after reading these three cantos that I read  the Gnana Kaadam or the spiritual canto too. He told me not everyone has one written. Sentil went in and came out after a while with yet another bundle of leaves. He untied the string and peeked into the leaves. To both Sivabalan's and my surprise, Sentil left the room abruptly without saying a word. After a while we heard the ringing of the bells and some chanting. Sentil came back into the room and started reading from the Gnana Kaadam.  It was sheer amazement.

I had always regarded the Nadi reading as very personal. I did not reveal its contents to anyone outside the family. After 12 years I have posted portions of the extensive collection of Nadi readings, 47 till this date, as an audio rendition at

I decided to air these recordings after I returned from Agathiyar's abode at Kallar in October last year. Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal with Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar run an Ashram the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham at Kallar. After being under Tavayogi's wing for the past 8 years, my family and I gained recognition and endorsement on what we were doing when Tavayogi requested we conduct a prayer at his venue. He was very impressed, I suppose, since he asked that we conduct another prayer the next day too. It was indeed a rare opportunity and my family and I was blessed to conduct the prayers at Agathiyar's abode!

Just before we left he called me up and had Mataji bring a book, SIDHARGAL PUJA VIDHI, and read out a mantra from it. This was Agathiyar's mantra which my wife and I had received during during our very first initiation from Tavayogi in Malaysia in 2005. He asked that we spread this mantra to people. This instruction of his surprised me since when he had initiated us back then, he cautioned us to keep it a secret and not to reveal it. 


Once while traveling in Malaysia, Tavayogi told me to spread the words of Agathiyar and the Siddhas to the masses. I was hardly a few years into this path then and was hesitant. I was questioning myself if I had all the values to do so? Tavayogi during the opening of a Peedham in Banting, (cleverly) announced that I shall speak a few words. You can imagine my state then. I began to have cold feet. I motioned to him that it was not necessary for me to speak. Luckily I managed to say a few words and escaped from having to talk further by initiating the rendition of the Arutprunjhoti mantra where all those present joined in.


  1. Ascending the Steps is Extremely Difficult Indeed ;; But The View From The Top Is "Panoramic<" and Worth The STEEP CLIMB.

    You know ....Experience Speaketh..

  2. The Explanation of this Mantra....AUM SIM VUM AUM UM Agathiyan HIMSELF can be found in the Blog....Agatthiyar Meijnanam ...Verse 45....which Shanmugam Avadaiyappa has mentioned below..


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