Friday, 28 February 2014


In the very first reading of the Nadi by Sentilkumar, Agathiyar had mentioned many things among them that I shall meet my guru. But Agathiyar did not mention the time and the place. After completing my atonement or parikaaram in the temples in India in 2003, I had still not met him. I thought it must be another time and another place. It could also happen back in Malaysia. But miraculously, I was brought to my first Guru Supramania Swami of Tiruvanamalai on the pretext of having my second daughter's astrological chart just before I left for Malaysia. Thus started a beautiful relationship between the Guru and the disciple.

The very first time I met Supramania Swami, I was amazed to hear him talk about me and my future. Although he was an astrologer too, he did not draw up my astrological chart nor read my palm. All those revelations just flowed out of him as I sat awe struck before him, neither of us moving from that spot for the next 5 hours.

Agathiyar after the first reading, asked that I perform all the atonement and come back for another reading after 2 years when I was 45 years of age. When Tavayogi was in Malaysia in 2005, I made an appointment to meet him. During that time I mentioned to him that I was having difficulty locating a Nadi reader since it was about time I saw the Nadi again. I was 45 then. Tavayogi immediately passed me Nadi Guru T.Ramesh's contact number. 

On the appointed day, I stood in front of Ramesh. We spoke about Tavayogi for an hour. Ramesh revelaed that Sentilkumar (my first Nadi Guru) and he had read the Nadi for Tavayogi previously. Tavayogi too had been guided  by Agathiyar through the Nadi. Tavayogi showed me some of these Nadi leaves of his in his possession when I accepted his invitation to visit his ashram in 2005.

Ramesh mentioned that he had also read the Nadi for Rengaraja Desigar of Ongkarakudil in Turaiyur. Rengarajar stills receives revelations which he publishes for the benefit of the public.

Those days when Ramesh was renting a premise beside the Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields he could afford to spent much time with us talking about Agathiyar, the Nadi, Gurus, and the Path of the Siddhas. Lately Ramesh has such a tight schedule accommodating seekers of the Nadi, that these cherished moments have become a rarity. Bala Chandran who read the Nadi with Ramesh was so captivated with the results that he had campaigned the Siddhas and the Nadi to all friends and relatives. To date he has led 83 people to Ramesh to have their Nadi read! 

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