Tuesday, 11 February 2014


There is an endemic/ epidemic currently here in Malaysia - the Dengue Fever threat or as the StarFit4Life captions the story as The Dengue Menace. My daughter too was a victim of it. On waking up on Saturday 1st February, 2014 she complained of having a fever. Our very good friend and family doctor Dr Jaswant Singh treated her with antibiotics but gave us a reminder to go for a blood test in the event her fever does not go down by Monday as Dengue cases were on the rise. The fever did not go down.

We headed for the Government Clinic where a blood test was done and she was confirmed as having the Dengue Fever. She was required to go for a blood test everyday to monitor her blood count and platelet levels.

Meanwhile she drank lots of water and took lots of bottled isotonic drinks (Sports drinks are sometimes designed in an isotonic way to assist athletes in re hydrating while balancing electrolytes - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

She consumed cans of the juice of Honey Dates too. There was a significant rise immediately after taking the Date juice but the platelet, white blood cell count and blood pressure started dropping drastically the next few days.

She was then warded at the General Hospital where she was given Saline drips to counter the rapid dehydration occurring in the body.

She also forced herself to drink the raw juice of fresh young tender papaya leaves.

I called up Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal in India. He too advocated the juice of papaya leaves. Besides that he told me to see if I could get the herb Vishnukranti supposedly good for all kinds of Viral fevers (Vishnukranti is valued for its antipyretic properties and is considered a specific for all kinds of fevers - http://mchunkat.tripod.com/AM035.html)

I called on my dear friend, famed astrologer and Siddha doctor, Dr Krishnan. He too recommended the extract of papaya leaves. He passed me the Nilavenbu Kudineer herb too [Nilavembu Kudineer consists of nine ingredients of medicinal plants origin which are Andrographis paniculata (Nilavempu), Vetiveria zizanioides (Vettiver), Cymbopogan jwarancusa (Vilamichu ver), Santalum album (Chandanam), Trichosanthes cucumerina (Peipudal), Cyrerus rotundus (Koraikilangu), Zingiber officinale (Cukku), Piper nigrum (Milaku), Mollugo cervicana (Parppadakam) - Source: Research Article at http://www.journalcra.com/sites/default/files/Download%203297.pdf]. The herb was boiled over a slow flame and the drink given to her.

And finally to top it all up, we did lots of prayers, individually and jointly too, for her fast recovery. Prayers of Tavayogi, Mataji, Gnana Jyothi Amma and our parents was heard by God. With good care from the nurses and doctors and these prayers she is back on her feet and has attended school today.

The dear Dr Krishnan passed on yet another Siddha herbal preparation, this time a sweet tasting medicine, Adathodai Manapagu to boost her lost strength, which I collected from him moments ago. [Adathodai Manapagu consists of Adhatoda vasica (Adathodai) and palm jaggery (panai vellam) - Source: Research Article at http://www.journalcra.com/sites/default/files/Download%203297.pdf]

Our prayers were answered.

Dr Krishnan B.A.M.S. Phd [Alt Med] and Astrologer can be contacted at (6) 016 228 0993 or 016 231 2922 or 03 8958 9650 and at hillriche@gmail.com
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