Monday, 3 February 2014


Here is a personal invitation from Dr Ravikumar K of the Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple at Kalyana Theertam

Dear Friends & Devotees,

I personally invite you to join this Ganapathy & Sudharshana Homam followed by Abishekam to Sri Agathiyar & Lopamudra. More details given in the attached flyer and please register with your name , Gothram and Nakshathram for the sangalpam before February 14th. Please share and spread this flyer to help your friends & families around the world to join by online registration. You can post the flyer in your Facebook, Google+ or other media to spread. Thanks for your support.

Sri Agathiyar Lopamudra Temple originally shared:

Sri Agathiyar Around The World - Free Ganapathy & Sudharshana Homam Registration.
For the welfare of the devotees around the world, On February 15th Masi Magam Poornima , Saturday 10.00 am at the temple we are going to do Ganapathy Homam, Sudarshana Homam followed by Abishekam to Sri Agathiyar & Lopamudra, Archana, Arthi.

For more information please click the link below.
Please contact Email,

Phone Dr Ravikumar K 001 248 757 1877 USA,
Mr Umayurubagam 00 91 9952336631 India.

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