Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Agathiyar beautifully crafted by Varadaraj of Bronze Creative, Swamimalai
Agathiyar creates a sensation when we browse through the numerous photos taken during the Kuttu Puja at Navarani and her friends's home
Tavayogi and Agathiyar grace my nephews home where a Kuttu Puja was held

Agathiyar surprises us again when we realize he opened both his eyes in a couple of photos of the libation. 

The very first painting of Agathiyar worshiped at Agathiyar Vanam
We were blessed by the participation of Agathiyar's dearest children during his Jayanthi & Guru Puja at Agathiyar Vanam. (Left to Right: Vimala, Nadi Guru Selvam, Nadi Guru Ramesh, & Meyalagan. Seated: Rajes, Saras & Navarani.
Nadi Guru Ramesh performing libation
Nadi Guru Selvam performing libation
Both Tavayogi & Mataji most graciously performed the homam & libation of Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam on their visit to Malaysia

Jnana Jyothi Amma performs arati to Agathiyar at Agathiyar Vanam during her visit to Malaysia
The master craftsman Varadaraj (left) of the Bronze Creative, Swamimalai in Malaysia


  1. Hi Sir...I'm from Perak Malaysia. Very nice blog..Informative.
    Just called Mataji Medam (Kallar) yesterday.
    Would like to be part of AVM family. Oum Agathisaaya Namaha.

  2. Can we read the naadi here in msia. Im from subang. Sutharthan is my name. 01115055937


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