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When I was with Supramania Swami, he once mentioned about a miracle that took place at Parvathamalai, some 55 kilometers from Thiruvannamalai. Swami had gone to this hill temple to gather some herbs. Not able to identify them, he stood and pondered to whom to ask for assistance. Then came along a man he knew as a shopkeeper at Thiruvannamalai. The man asked Swami what he was doing there. When Swami told him his purpose on coming to Parvathamalai, the shopkeeper immediately replied that he knew those herbs and started gathering them for Swami. He left shortly. 
Supramania Swami
Back in town Swami meets the shopkeeper again and inquires when he returned from Parvathamalai. The man gave an astonished look and replied that he had never stepped on that hill! Swami told me then that Shiva (Lord Shiva) came but unfortunately I could not recognize him.

This virgin hill grows plenty of rare herbal plants, which are not found in other hills except Himalayas. The visitors / devotees can easily smell the ‘Herbal breeze’ while going up or coming down the hill. It cures many diseases automatically. It is said that two ‘sadhus’ one guru Namasivayam and the other Guhai Namasivayam when they stayed on the hill accidentally cooked and ate an unknown herbal leaf (now known as ‘Karunochi – Siddha Medicine’) and regained their youth for ever.
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