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A blacksmith at work at Jalan Tukang Emas in Malacca, Malaysia
Just as a blacksmith hits the hot iron to shape it into something that he desires, Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal 'hit' me on several occasions too. After 10 years of tutorship under him, I have slowly began to understand that he was shaping me. If you want your ego to be crushed come to Tavayogi.

The first day I met him at the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham that he was to officiate in Malaysia, we had a moment to ourselves where I mentioned to him about my Nadi reading. In my Nadi Agathiyar had extended an invitation to me to come to his path. Tavayogi listened attentively. He told me I had come to the right place. After paying homage to a pair of Padugai or Holy sandals representative of Agathiyar's footwear, I fell at Tavayogi's feet only to get a scolding. He told me only fall at Agathiyar's feet. 

When I invited Tavayogi to my home, he readily accepted my invitation. I was told ahead not to perform paatha abhisegam or the ritual of washing the feet of the guru, because Tavayogi did not approve it. I had asked my daughter to videotape his arrival. The moment he stepped out of the car and walked into my home he commented that all that VIP treatment was for politicians. He said he did not need the publicity and attention. My daughter immediately laid down the camera. He sat on a chair that we had placed for him. When the others sat on the floor he immediately followed us saying he did not need the seat. 

When I sent him back I was so intoxicated with joy at having him come over to my home and related my happiness to him. He immediately told me that I was living in illusion (Mayai). "You think I am somebody. I have nothing hidden beneath this orange robe or kaavi", he said. There went my joy out of the window.

When I was with him in Kallar a devotee brought a rudraksham and asked if he should wear it. Tavayogi explained the importance and benefits of wearing one and cautioned him as to how and when to wear it. After he left Tavayogi turned to me and said, "We don't need that, my son".

When the subject about Rasamani or solidified mercury cropped up, I told him I was adorning one. He told me, "We don't need that, my son".

When he saw me wearing a navaratnam embedded ring on my finger, he inquired about it. He told me, "We don't need that, my son".

When we were bathing in the cool waters of the river that ran through Kallar, he went back to fetch both our sandals. I objected to him picking mine but he had me stay put on the bank and continued wading in the water and brought back my sandals to me. 

When we went marketing for foodstuffs at Methupalaiyam, I was struggling with all the stuffs packed into a sack. He turned around, noticing my inability to carry it, snatched the sack from me and hoisted it on his back and walked speedily to the waiting car.

When we went on pilgrimage of the Siddha temples and caves, and after spending a night at Agathiyar's cave at Courtallam, Tavayogi insisted on carrying my dirty linen.

Back home I had had at times gone overboard advising seekers and ended up creating problems for myself. When I called him up and seeked his advice, he turned back at me, asking why I got involved, instead I should have directed them to Agathiyar.

This is how he made me shed every bit of ornament on my body, desires, likes and my ego too.

As Tavayogi continued emptying 'this vessel' both Agathiyar and Tavayogi simultaneously began filling it up with divinity through many directives. Tavayogi passed  a mantra as an initiation into the path of the Siddhas to me, my wife and others while in Malaysia, hence officially starting us off. Seeing that I was already having a painting of Agathiyar and a wooden Padugai or footwear at my altar, Tavayogi directed me to get a Vaasi kol. When Agathiyar came into my home in the form of a bronze statue, Agathiyar directed me to perform libation or abhisegam for him. Later Tavayogi directed me to start performing homam in my home. On one of his visits to my home again, Tavayogi performed the libation and homam. Through observing him, we learnt the finer points of these ritual.

Last October, when I was in his ashram in Kallar with my family, Tavayogi handed us a Padugai and Vaasikol made from the Nunaa tree that had fallen down in strong winds at his ashram grounds, just before our arrival.

Agathiyar has been guiding us through the Nadi readings too, 49 readings to-date.

My family and I are grateful to Agathiyar and the Siddhas, Tavayogi and his able aid, disciple and our mentor too, Mataji Sarojini Ammaiyaar for all the prayers, guidance, and advice that we have had received to-date.

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