Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Agathiyar in the Nadi asks me to come to Pothigai, among others places. I was fortunate enough to have Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal personally take me to Pothigai (Kalyana Theertam & Courtallam) and all the rests of the places Agathiyar had mentioned in the Nadi. I shall cherish the magical moments I spent with my guru at this auspicious place and the rests too.

Tavayogi leads me to Kalyana Theertam
I understand Kalyana Theertam and Courtallam has changed since the last time I was there with Tavayogi in 2005. Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma has left her mortal frame. Dr K. Ravikumar had installed Agathiyar and Lobhamudra at Kalyana Theertam the following year in 2012.

Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma of Kalyana Theertam
Dr K Ravikumar (far right) who installed Agathiyar & Lobhamudra at Kalyana Theertam

Jnana Jyothi Amma was blessed to be showered with Agathiyar's grace and jyothi for all to see. Suren, Manju, Harsha, Bala and Mathi have had blessings of Agathiyar while at Kalyana Theertam.


  1. " The Divine Descent Of Divinity In Full Effulgence."

  2. Pics, six, seven and eight...it rained Chandanam on that hill/rock..the time was about 1.30 pm..(noon).
    One can see plenty of chandanam spots on that hill. That particular Hill/Rock is known as Chandanam malai..(hill)
    As I was returning fromAgathiyan's Padham cave that time, this chandanam drizzling caught my attention and attracted me and pulled me over there....I even took a bit from that hill..fresh chandhan and kept it on my forehead..
    It was 1.30 pm then,,


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